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If you ended up on this site and want to see the Newest Demolisten Shows…

Click here to see shows After November 2008.


11.21.2008 – Fred Kiko hosts solo. No band.

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Friday, November 21st, 2008 – 6-6:45pm PST

Well tonight Fred Kiko hosts Demolisten solo because the show is only 45 minutes due to a basketball game.

But we will still do the live video.

Click HERE to watch video of the show.

Click HERE for a mp3 of the whole show plus some exciting LMU basketball.

Fred Kiko hosts "Demolisten" solo tonight!


-Chris Checkman “Demolisten Intro”
1. Agent Ribbons “Don’t Touch Me”
2. The Monolators “I Must Be Dreaming”


3. Greater California “All The Colors”
4. Starlite Desperation “My Violin”
5. The Amazements “Go Away”


6. Dorian Wood “The Mutual”
7. Fast Heart Mart “White Man Stole This Land”
8. Charlie Wadhams “My Angel”


9. Big Black Cloud “Who Do You Love? (cover – Bo Diddley)”
10. Controlled Creature “Nightstalker”
11. High Castle “No Mind”


Chirs Checkman “Demolisten Outro”


11.14.2008 – Tenlon’s Fort & Meho Plaza perform live!

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First of all. MEHO PLAZA played “Live at 5” just before Demolisten, so we recored video of it. Watch it HERE.

Tonight we have TENLON’S FORT performing live and rumor going around says AARON EMBRY from AMNION will play piano with them.

Click HERE to watch the first hour of the show.

Click HERE to watch TENLON’S FORT perform live on “Demolisten”.

Click HERE for audio of the whole radio show.

Aaron Embry with Tenlon's Fort performing live on Demolisten

Aaron Embry with Tenlon's Fort performing live on Demolisten!!!!

Tenlon's Fort performing live on Demolisten!!!

Tenlon's Fort performing live on Demolisten!!!

Demolisten Playlist

14 November, 2008

1. Chris Checkman

2. Rick Hornsby (Guadalajara Joe) “Demolisten Jingle”

3. Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters “Walking with the Dead”

4. Eagle and Talon “All of My Guardians”

Air Break

5. Avi Buffalo “Summer Cumm”

6. Blue Jungle “Oh Suicide”

7. On and Off Super Fast “Words are the War”

Air Break

8. Ming and Ping “Legends of Nothing”

9. Rick Hornsby “Shake That Booty All Around”

10. Obi Best “Who Loves You Now”

Air Break- Concert Calender

11. Kitten Berry Crunch “Til Tomorrow is Today”

12. The Tleilaxu Music Machine “One Life Left No Continues”

13. Adeline & the Philistines “Dream from a Disco Nap”

Air Break

14. Sean Guinan “Jackie Ballad Ballet”

15. Marvelous Toy “Dont Try to Save the Flowers”

16. Fast Heart Mart “Strippers Song”


17. Ema and the Ghosts “Dandelions”

18. The Sess “Mary”

19. Whitman “Under Your Skies”


Tenlon’s Fort performs LIVE


20. Dirt Dress “Patterns”

21. Chris Checkman “Demolisten Outro”


11.7.2008 – Coco B’s perform Live!

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Download Audio of the show by Clicking HERE!

Demolisten Podcast

Coco B's

Coco B's performing live on Demolisten!!!!

On tonight’s show we had COCO B’S playing live.

Octavius and Fred talk about Madonna Fans, Gay Chicken Marriage, the literal translations of the bible, and playing with dead dogs and crushed cars on the dirt roads of Canoga Park. There’s also a few stories of Wisdom teeth extractions.

Overall, it’s a good show.

Pedrum didn’t show, but thanks to the video by The Digital Philipino and Bettina, and sound by the world famous Maki..and if you look hard at the video, you might even see our friend Kate in the background.

November 7th, 2008

Chris Checkman “Demolisten Intro”

1. Anavan “Boom”
2. Eagle & Talon “Hot Caught”
3. The Tleilaxu Music Machine “Bizzy”


4. Happy Hollows “Big Bad Wolf”
5. Featherbeard “The Moon Between Her Legs”
6. The Sess “Wisdom Tooth Gums”


7. Jug Fusion “Jesus Is Coming Soon”
8. Tony Fabbri “Her Phone Number (on The Wall)”
9. Coma In Algiers “Summertime”


10. Sean Guinan “Our Leaping Glass Existance”
11. Friendly Rich & The Lollipop People “Egg Circus Theme”
12. Los Fancy Free “Jajaja”
13. Baby Sloth Spirit “UU7X”


THE COCO B’S perform live!


14. Robotanists “Slow Motion”
15. Cinderella Motel “Elevator”
16. Chad Cells “Free The Gay Chickens”


the end

10.31.2008 – Halloween with Nora Keyes

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Videos of the Show will be here tomorrow.

Audio of the show.  Click Here!

Tonight we have NORA KEYES performing live.  She’s like the most spooky chick ever and shit.

She’s in a band with Don Bolles, Geof Brandin, Beautiful Brian called The Fancy Space People.

Nora Keyes and Fred

Nora Keyes and Fred

Nora Keyes performing live on Demolisten!

Nora Keyes performing live on Demolisten!

I’m not really sure what to say…. The whole crew came dressed up.  Fred was a Satanic Priest, Octavius was Mystery from The Pickup Artist, Pedrum was Matador (Octavius’ wingman), G-off came as The Black Night from the movie “Murder Party”, His slave girl was someone from The Warriors, Bettina started off as Aunt Jemima………then Fred asked her to try Blackface….so she came back from the bathroom a strange shade of blu-ish white.  She then wiped the pasty grey stuff off her face, and painted a mask on, kinda like the Hamburgular.  So whatever.

Brian the Digital Philipino has an insane hand carved “Ren-Fair” mechanical monkey on his shoulder, and a cowboy hat.  Go Figure.

Demolisten Playlist October 31, 2008

1. Chris Checkman Intro
2.  Here Comes A Big Black Cloud “Skeleton Head”
3.  Sean Guinan “Hemophilia”
4.  Hobo gobbelins “Brains!!”


5.  The Misfits “Halloween Part II”
6.  The Centimeters “Dracula Gary”
7.  Halloween Swim Team “Habitat”


8.  Fancy Space People “Frankenstein”
9.  Slim Jim & the Mad Cows “Black Sabbath/ Ring of Fire cover”
10.  8-Bit “Eatin’ Cat”


11.  Fancy Space People “Theme Song”
12.  ? “Cookie Monster Can’t Sleep”
13.  The Exaggerators “Jack the Ripper”

break- concert calendar

14. UkeFink “The Skeleton Waltz”
15.  Bubonic Plague “Dracula”
16.  Dewey Decimator “Late Night Booty Call”
17.  Cinderella Motel “Vampire Man”


18. Nora Keyes “Small a Part”
19. Aaron Embry “Ass-O-Lantern”
20. Voodoo Organist “Creeper”

Nora Keyes LIVE!!

10.24.2008 Lance Romance, I.E. and Mike of PHMF-updated

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For Audio of the show.  Click here. 
Lance Romance Video 1– with technical issues
Lance Romance Video 2

I.E. Video

Some of the technical ticks have been worked out…..So, Check this out!



lance romance

lance romance


 On today’s show, we had Lance Romance, I.E. and Mike  (formerly in Paris Hilton Motherfuckers). 

Mike has his own radio show called “Seminal Secretions” which you’ll probably only hear online Wed from 8-10pm.

The show starts off as a disaster, spinning plates, with way too many people, and way too amateur, but then again….It’s Demolisten!  So it’s all OK!

Lance Plays a Great Set.

Mike Rock some demos.

I.E. kicks ass.

Playlist for Demolisten for 24 October, 2008

1. Von Hayes “GoldenTed”

2. Bradenmacher “Believer”

3. Kitten Berry Crunch “If John McCain Wins I’m Moving to Mexico”

4. Pangea “Golden Arches”

5. Paris Hilton Motherfuckers

6. Vomit Bomb “Profile Me”

7. Supercreep “You are Blonde”

Lance Romance performs LIVE

5. Party Fowl ”

Lance Romance LIVE

6.  Octavius “Octavius Theme”

Lance Romance Live some more…

7.   Watusi Zombie “Jan Davis”

8.  Audacity “Twighlight Zone”

9.  Charlie and the Moonhearts “?”

I.E. Plays LIVE!!

10.  Ty Segall “Oh Mary”

10.17.2008 – Ema & The Ghosts perform live!

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October 17th, 2008
Click HERE for audio of the whole show


Click HERE for the first part of Ema & the Ghosts’ live performance

Click HERE for Part 2

Click HERE for Part 3

Click HERE for Part 4

Ema and the Ghosts!

Ema and the Ghosts performing live on Demolisten!

Ema and the Ghosts performing live on Demolisten!











On Today’s show, we have Ema and the Ghosts.

Octavius talks about the embarrassment of last weeks show, and Bettina’s non sequitur internal conversation/statements.  Fred gives Octavius several hints about how he’s lost his edge, become a yuppy, plays music he doesn’t like, etc etc.  I’m not sure if this was discussed on the air or not….But long story short…Octavius loses his shit talking about Tech stuff.  

Fred threatens to book a band for another month.

Also, Fred talks about the beauty of strip clubs in Ohio.

It’s a fun show!!!

Of course we’re all still friends.  But who knows what will happen next week!



1. Chris Checkman Intro

2. Hello From Reno “Demolisten- An Art Jingle”

3. Anavan “Skin Like Heather”

4. Happy Hollows “Tambourine”


5. Noodle Muffin “Blazing Empire”

6. Sean Guinan “Finally in the End”

7. Whitman “Under Your Skies”

8. Here Comes the Big Black Cloud “Psychic Violence”


9. Whispertown 2000 “Through a Hole”

10. Henry Clay People “This Ain’t a Scene”

11. High Castle “No Mind”

Break – Concert Calender

12. John Phil “Riverside”

13. Tijuana Panthers “Don’t Shoot Your Guns”

14. Bodies Of Water “Only You”

Arguing about how to post videos from Stickam to Youtube. Totally Entertaining.

15. Human Host “The Realm”

16. Powerchords “Throwing Up”

17. Amanda jo Williams “Lie, Lie, Lie”

18. The Sess “Cry for a Crime Boy”

Ema & the Ghosts performs LIVE

19. ExitMusic “Here’s Sunset”

20. Parson Redheads “Out to See”

21. Monster “Wind in the Trees”


22. PAINT “One Way Track”

23. Chris Checkman Message from Demolisten 1


Click HERE for audio of the whole show


Click HERE for the first part of Ema & the Ghosts’ live performance

Click HERE for Part 2

Click HERE for Part 3

Click HERE for Part 4