10.10.2008 Hearts of Palm UK

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On today’s show we have The Hearts of Palm UK.

Every week we broadcast LIVE starting at 6:00 at this link! There’s a chatroom there, that you can join in on.

Today’s special guest is Lisa Brenner. She’s a music writer for LA.com. Fred’s gone, so we think it’s safe to bring her to the station.

Bettina and Octavius talk about their days.  He drinks rotten milk and has his teeth drilled.  She cleans Fred’s house, and has Diarrhea.  Did we mention she’s looking for a date?

We also discuss Funeral traditions, and the first joke Octavius ever wrote.  Bettina asks the question, does everyone in Mexico have Diarrhea?

In other news….   Everyone gets to talk about whatever totally stupid crap they want to.  Which usually results in just total non-sequiter madness.  Octavius tries to avoid being totally lame, by playing MORE MUSIC!!!

Of course the band is very good…….and cute too.

Demolisten Playlist
October 10, 2008

1. Chris Checkman is Chris Checkman
2. The Audacity “The Fed’s”
3. Avi Buffalo “Truth Sets in”
4. Bikos “Movie Set Weights”

Air Break

5. Blake Collins “Berman (I Pity You)”
6. The Widow Babies “Evil Triumphs Over the Evil Poweres of Kayak”
7. Bodies Of Water “Even in a Cave”

Air Break

8. The Happy Hollows “Lieutenant”
9. Controlled Creature “Nightstalker”
10. Chelsea Wolf “Banana Hammock”

Air Breakdance

11. The Coral Sea “Your Prisons are Home”
12. The Guestimates “Surfs Up, Lights Out”
13. The Henry Clay People “Working Part Time”


14. Sean Guinan “Hemophilia”
15. Sean Guinan “Bleed Me to Death”
16. The Sess “Sheep City”
17. AM “Feedback”

Hearts of Palm UK Live!

Click HERE to watch the live video

Click HERE for audio of the whole show


10.3.08 – Dr. Drew! no live band tonight…

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October 3rd, 2008

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No live band tonight but Fred interviews one of his radio heroes, Dr. Drew from LOVELINE.

Click HERE or check out our MYSPACE page to watch it live from 6-8pm PST.

Check back later to watch it archived.

Fred from Demolisten & Dr. Drew from Loveline

Fred from Demolisten & Dr. Drew from Loveline


1. Chris Checkman intro

2. Hello From Reno “Demolisten – An Art Jingle”

3. Here Comes a Big Black Cloud “Chelsea Lea”

4. Bodies of Water “Darling, Be Here”


5. Sean Guinan “November 13, 1988”

6. Controlled Creature “Building a Castle”

7. The Sess “Authentic Black Coke”

Fred interviews Dr. Drew

8. Agent Ribbons “Don’t Touch Me”

9. Chewing Foil “Desert Plant”

10. The Voodoo Organist “Fool”


11. The Deepsea Goes “Everybody Gets a Nickname”

12. Amanda Jo Williams “My New Dress”

13. Von Hayes “Drunk Uncles”

Concert Calender

14. Geronimo “Head Dress”

15. Tijuana Panthers “Crew Cut”

16. Athalia “The Selfish Giant”

thanks for listening glenn!

17. High Castle “Small Town Gay Bar”

18. Yoko Solo “Covered in Feces… Stronger Than You, Rotten”

19. ZibraZibra “Sonic Fusion”

09.26.2008 The Happy Hollows, Rademacher, and Joel from Dios Malos

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Click HERE for audio of the whole show.

Click HERE to watch Joel and Malcolm playing live acoustic

Happy Hollows Live Video Part 1 CLICK HERE; Part 2 CLICK; Part 3 CLICK; Part 4 CLICK; Part 5 CLICK

The Happy Hollows, Joel from Dios Malos, & some dude from Rademacher all will performed on this fundraising episode.

The Happy Hollows are just the cutest band ever, and I know the 2 dudes in the band love that we’re calling them that.  They rock the balls off of all the crazy kids on stickam.com

Rademacher is rad.  He plays right next to Joel, and holds his own against the ancient monster of rock.

and Joel.  Well Joel is Joel. Joel was a child prodigy, but now that he’s older, we don’t know what to call him anymore other than maybe an ancient musical guru. And he manages to be a wise sage of music and is still under 30.

We basically talk about what a crappy fundraiser it is, and how all you bands suck for not donating your money to us.  And then we cry.

It’s not too late to donate.  go to KXLU.com and donate some cash, buy a T-shirt, some CD’s, some underwear or whatever…..  Tell them that Demolisten is your favorite show ever, and please save us from the ridicule that we are about to endure.

Or you can use the phone….310-338-5958.  But it might be too late for phone orders.

Here is what our T-shirt looks like!  buy one!!!!

Demolisten 2008 T-shirt Design done by Aunt Aimee

Demolisten 2008 T-shirt Design done by Aunt Aimee



1. Chris Checkman Intro
2. Hello From Reno “Demolisten intro (An Art Jingle)”
3. Hello From Reno “So Far Away”


4. Paris Hilton Motherfuckers “Supermega”
5. Sara Lov “Touched”


6. Murdered Man “The World Around You”
7. Dengue Fever “Mr. Orange”

8. John Maus “Don’t Be a Body (Sex With Car)”
9. Jeremy Jay “We Stay Here (In Our Secret World)”

10. Foreign Born “The Entryway”
11. The Pity Party “H.O.T.S”
12. Starlite Desperation “Spirit Army”

Happy Hollows perform LIVE!

Click HERE to watch Joel and Malcolm playing live acoustic

Happy Hollows Live Video Part 1 CLICK HERE

Part 2 CLICK

Part 3 CLICK

Part 4 CLICK

Part 5 CLICK

And finally click HERE for audio of the whole show.

Thanks for tuning in and shame on you for not donating. Please remember that those of you who did not pledge will be personally hunted down by Fred and punched in the face.

9.19.2008 – Joel from DIOS MALOS, Kevin of Sonadora, and Todd perform live! – Fundraiser Show!!

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Click here to listen to Audio of the show!

Click HERE to watch Joel from DIOS MALOS and friends play live on the radio!

Tonight is fundraiser ! Yay!

You can get Demolisten Grab bags (for $20 you will receive 5 random demo CDs that we play from our archives)

Or get a Demolisten T-Shirt. Here is the Design:

Demolisten T-Shirt Design

Demolisten T-Shirt Design

You can donate by calling (310) 338-KXLU – (310) 338-5958 or by going to the KXLU website.


Joel from DIOS MALOS continues his Demolisten residency to help celebrate DIOS MALOS’ free Monday residency at Spaceland this month.  He plays tunes with his brother Kevin from Sonadora, and some random wierdo off the street named Todd.  Todd’s in a couple other projects with Joel…..to be named at a later date.

Joel from Dios with Sonadora performing live on Demolisten!!!!

Joel from Dios with Sonadora performing live on Demolisten!!!!

happy JOEL from DIOS MALOS!

happy JOEL from DIOS MALOS!

Demolisten Playlist
19 September, 2008

1.  Octavius is Chris Checkman
2.  Sean Guinan “June 2, 1989”
3.  Black Mold “Here Comes a Big Black Cloud”

Air Break

4.  Avi Buffalo “Truth Sets In”
5.  Bodies of Water “The Mud Gapes Open”


6.  The Deep Sea Goes “Burn Before Reading”
7.  The Monolators “Don’t Dance”


8.  Bipolar Bear “Dreamcatcher Maker pt. 1”
9.  Brian LeBarton “Disco Tech”
10.  Von Hayes “Boo Hoo”

Donate !

11.  Null Object “Dumb Shogun”
12.  Voodoo Organist “The Revenge of the Black Widow”

Concert Calender

13.  The Audacity “S.S. Homo”
14.  Aaron Embry “This is Where The Magic Happens”
15.  Les Blanks “Lie Back and Think of England”

Dios and Sonadora play together LIVE!

this is a test….

9.12.2008 – KNIGHT RIDER & Joel From DIOS MALOS perform live

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Click here to hear Archived Audio of the show!

Click HERE to watch first hour of show during which Joel from DIOS MALOS performs live!

Click HERE to watch one more song from Joel.

Click HERE to watch Knight Rider’s Performance

Tonight in the first hour of the show, we have Joel from DIOS MALOS continuing his Demolisten residency.

Then in the second hour of the show we have KNIGHT RIDER performing live.
Demolisten Playlist

1. Chris Checkman “Demolisten Intro”
2. D sticker Ensemble “Demolisten theme”
3. Chelsea Wolfe “Cousins of the Anti-Christ”
4. Tunnelmen Experimental Assembly “God City”

Joel performs a cover tune of an old Beck song called “Alcohol”!

Joel Plays “Alcohol” by Dios.

5.  8-Bit “Enuf”
6.  Tijuana Panthers “Redheaded Girl”
7.  Avi Buffalo “I’m Getting Too Old For This”

Joel plays some more

8. The Audacity “Cute Things People Do”
9. Too Much Fun “Youth”
10. Man Of Mystery “High Castle”

Concert Calender

11. Bodies of Water “Only You”
12. Von Hayes “Ellen Degenerates”
13. Bikos “Spirit Of Change”

More Joel

14. Castledoor “Nightlight”
15. Controlled Creature “Thundermare”
16. Death By Ninjas “Sea Monster”

Knight Rider Plays LIVE!


9.05.2008 – SHIRLEY ROLLS performs live; JP from Dios Malos co-hosts

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Click HERE to listen to the archived audio of the show.

Click HERE to watch the first section of the show.

Click HERE to watch the first section of SHIRLEY ROLLS performing live.

Click HERE to watch the second section of SHIRLEY ROLLS performing live.

 This week in the first hour of the show we have JP from DIOS MALOS chillin’, groovin’ and spittin’ with us. 

Dios Malos is playing every Monday for free at Spaceland, and as a result we shall have Joel,

JP or other Dios members co-hosting the show with us.

In the second hour of the show we have fantastic SHIRLEY ROLLS performing live.

Shirley Rolls

Shirley Rolls

JP from Dios Malos

JP from Dios Malos


Demolisten Playlist

 05 September, 2008

1. Chris Checkman talks about how lame you are.
2.  The D Sticker Ensemble “Demolisten Theme”
3.  The Audacity “Chicks Hate Police”
4.  Radar Bros. “Lake Life”
5.  Captured by Robots “Thrashersize”
6.  Leviathan Brothers “Perfect Day”
7.  Dios Malos “You Got Me All Wrong”
8.  The Lost New Yorkers “Never Die (radio edit)”
9.  J. Ralph Phillips “Why I Draw Trees”
10.  Whispertown 2000 “Through a Hole”
11.  Jeremy Jay “Slow Dance”
12.  Avi Buffalo “I’m So Exclusive”
Concert Calender
13.  Amnion “Better Day”
14.  Sonadora “Tell Me What”
15.  The Monolators “Hearts Going Steady”
16.  Brian Marshall “Stuffmaker”
17.  Miguel Mendez  “I Let you Down”
18.  The Amazements “Go Away”
Shirley Rolls performs live!
19. Nightrider “Kittens”
20. Bernard Bernard “Tell Me Off”
now begin your drunken debauchery.

8.29.2008 – MEHO PLAZA and Joel from DIOS MALOS both perform live!

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Audio of the show.

Video of the first half.

Video of the second half (almost).

August 29th, 2008

Tonight Joel from DIOS MALOS performs solo acoustic during the first hour of the show, and MEHO PLAZA performs a full rock band set in the second hour.

Bettina talks about how Huell Howser is her Pal.  Fred talks about all the wierd violent close calls he gets living in Los Angeles. 

Octavius shakes in fear and crazy people call the show and cuss him out. 

Pedrum talks about how everyone does that thing from the Shining when they say his name….

and think it’s so original (but that’s off the air).

And Joel plays songs, sometimes using a funny voice….and he brings his friend Miguel Mendez.

Watch it all live HERE or at our MySpace page.

Meho Plaza

Meho Plaza

Joel from Dios Malos

Joel from Dios Malos


1. Chris Checkman intro
2. D. Sticker Ensemble – Demolisten Intro (high pitch)
3. Gunfight! – All You Need

Talkin’ ’bout indians and such

4. 60 Watt Kid – I Got Money
5. Tenlons Fort – Come Back to Me
6. The Guestimates – Girls of Spring Break

Dios and Miguel Mendes perform live acoustic!

7. PAINT – Better Daze
8. Human Host – Underground Rainbow
9. The Deepsea Goes – Shambolic

More Dios and Miguel
Concert Calender

10. Maria Daniela Y Su Sonido Lasser – Meido
11. Amanda Jo Williams – Why Don’t You Loo Me

More Dios and Miguel

Fred almost gets in fights a lot.

Meho Plaza performs live!