The Guardian 2009

Agent Ava and Perry Ferrell talk about how KXLU Demolisten helped Jane’s Addiction:

“The Oral History of Jane’s Addiction and Perry Farrell”

LA Weekly, Feb 1998

LA Alternative, June 2006

LA Weekly, 1999

Slate Magazine, June 1999

Beck: The Art of Mutation, by Nevin Martell; published Simon and Shuster, 2001

Destoy the Rocker, Film by Jason Muller; 2007

No-fi magazine

Live at The Fold (at The Derby), March 2002

“Show review by Mary Lenoir Bond….Aahhh, Gliss. Gliss is great. I first heard them on KXLU’s Demolisten and liked them enough to look into hearing more- which lead me to hearing the CD at a friend’s house. The CD is very dreamy and a lovely little escape that leads you into a world of sunshine, trampolines, clouds, stars, love- the music and lyrics all swirl around in you head and whirl your heart away into a sweet, almost heartaching beauty.”

LA Alternative Best of LA Article
KXLU was one of the top 5, and there was mention of Demolisten in the article.

The future of radio…remember radio?
By Michael Mannheimer “Imagine a time and place before MP3s, blogs and podcasts. Before the dawn of the Internet, even. Back in these dark ages, the most reliable place for a dedicated fan of independent rock music to go was college radio. Loyola Marymount’s radio station KXLU 88.9 FM grew out of this tradition, helping shape the transition from what was then known as “college rock” to what we today call “alternative.”” of Slate Magazine.Nov 24, 2004For motorists in West L.A. who get sick of the chloroformed, breathy pop promoted by local NPR outlet KCRW’s life-sapping Nic Harcourt, a better bet is KXLU, the Loyola Marymount college station. On Friday nights, a KXLU show (Demolisten) broadcasts unreleased demo tapes and bizarrely (or maybe not so bizarrely, given that this is the cream of a very large crop) they’re often great. Two of the best demos I’ve heard over the years have been witty tunes from a group called Inflight Movie. I’ve been able to find out nothing about these people. (They’re tough to google.) If you know anything about Inflight Movie, or if you are Inflight Movie, please email me. … Update: OK, here they are. Now if I could get the music to play. … P.S.: The other big Demolisten find is The Temporary Thing. “
LA Weekly

By Mara Schwartz
Wednesday, February 25, 1998

“Record-label A&R execs devote their days to appraising usually excruciating demo tapes and their nights prowling the clubs, searching for that hoped-for Next Big Thing and often spending their careers without once striking platinum. But that future No. 1 hit each so desperately seeks may already be receiving radio play – by a trio of ex-students from Loyola Marymount University. Every Friday evening on Loyola station KXLU (88.9 FM), Fred Kiko, Tony Kiewel and Chad Misner host Demolisten, a well-researched hour of unsigned artists that’s been airing with fairly little fanfare since the mid-’80s.”

There was also an article in the LAist by Lisa Brenner

“Octavius, of the venerable KXLU, Friday-night “Demolisten,” emceed the evening. Between sets we had an opportunity to chat about the important issues. For example, I learned that his Space Invaders sweater was purchased at X-Large on Vermont many years ago, and that he recently found a Speak and Spell (still in the box) at a local thrift store.

In what turned out to be an unexpected interview — thanks to such leading questions as, “So, what else do you hate,” asked by local, interior decorating darling, Leslie Landis — I also learned that he does not like ellipses, smooth ceilings, and the area of downtown near the Staples Center; he disagrees with the Grups phenomenon, conversely believing that kids today still listen to and love The Pixies because they know their generation will never make music as cool as that; and he feels that bars and clubs with TV sets and computer stations are stupid. He also claims to have invented the color Orange, however that is still up for debate.”

LA Undergound Favorite Radio Show of 2007

Named most Under-rated Radio Show in Los Angeles, by the LA Times Jan 3, 2008. put Demolisten in their top 12 music blogs to check out.

News Journalist Michael Linder thinks Demolisten is cool!  Nov 2007.

Back to the demolisten site.


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