10.24.2008 Lance Romance, I.E. and Mike of PHMF-updated

For Audio of the show.  Click here. 
Lance Romance Video 1– with technical issues
Lance Romance Video 2

I.E. Video

Some of the technical ticks have been worked out…..So, Check this out!



lance romance

lance romance


 On today’s show, we had Lance Romance, I.E. and Mike  (formerly in Paris Hilton Motherfuckers). 

Mike has his own radio show called “Seminal Secretions” which you’ll probably only hear online Wed from 8-10pm.

The show starts off as a disaster, spinning plates, with way too many people, and way too amateur, but then again….It’s Demolisten!  So it’s all OK!

Lance Plays a Great Set.

Mike Rock some demos.

I.E. kicks ass.

Playlist for Demolisten for 24 October, 2008

1. Von Hayes “GoldenTed”

2. Bradenmacher “Believer”

3. Kitten Berry Crunch “If John McCain Wins I’m Moving to Mexico”

4. Pangea “Golden Arches”

5. Paris Hilton Motherfuckers

6. Vomit Bomb “Profile Me”

7. Supercreep “You are Blonde”

Lance Romance performs LIVE

5. Party Fowl ”

Lance Romance LIVE

6.  Octavius “Octavius Theme”

Lance Romance Live some more…

7.   Watusi Zombie “Jan Davis”

8.  Audacity “Twighlight Zone”

9.  Charlie and the Moonhearts “?”

I.E. Plays LIVE!!

10.  Ty Segall “Oh Mary”


~ by demolisten on October 24, 2008.

One Response to “10.24.2008 Lance Romance, I.E. and Mike of PHMF-updated”

  1. Had a lot of fun guys. See you in a few months.

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