10.31.2008 – Halloween with Nora Keyes

Videos of the Show will be here tomorrow.

Audio of the show.  Click Here!

Tonight we have NORA KEYES performing live.  She’s like the most spooky chick ever and shit.

She’s in a band with Don Bolles, Geof Brandin, Beautiful Brian called The Fancy Space People.

Nora Keyes and Fred

Nora Keyes and Fred

Nora Keyes performing live on Demolisten!

Nora Keyes performing live on Demolisten!

I’m not really sure what to say…. The whole crew came dressed up.  Fred was a Satanic Priest, Octavius was Mystery from The Pickup Artist, Pedrum was Matador (Octavius’ wingman), G-off came as The Black Night from the movie “Murder Party”, His slave girl was someone from The Warriors, Bettina started off as Aunt Jemima………then Fred asked her to try Blackface….so she came back from the bathroom a strange shade of blu-ish white.  She then wiped the pasty grey stuff off her face, and painted a mask on, kinda like the Hamburgular.  So whatever.

Brian the Digital Philipino has an insane hand carved “Ren-Fair” mechanical monkey on his shoulder, and a cowboy hat.  Go Figure.

Demolisten Playlist October 31, 2008

1. Chris Checkman Intro
2.  Here Comes A Big Black Cloud “Skeleton Head”
3.  Sean Guinan “Hemophilia”
4.  Hobo gobbelins “Brains!!”


5.  The Misfits “Halloween Part II”
6.  The Centimeters “Dracula Gary”
7.  Halloween Swim Team “Habitat”


8.  Fancy Space People “Frankenstein”
9.  Slim Jim & the Mad Cows “Black Sabbath/ Ring of Fire cover”
10.  8-Bit “Eatin’ Cat”


11.  Fancy Space People “Theme Song”
12.  ? “Cookie Monster Can’t Sleep”
13.  The Exaggerators “Jack the Ripper”

break- concert calendar

14. UkeFink “The Skeleton Waltz”
15.  Bubonic Plague “Dracula”
16.  Dewey Decimator “Late Night Booty Call”
17.  Cinderella Motel “Vampire Man”


18. Nora Keyes “Small a Part”
19. Aaron Embry “Ass-O-Lantern”
20. Voodoo Organist “Creeper”

Nora Keyes LIVE!!


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One Response to “10.31.2008 – Halloween with Nora Keyes”

  1. Hey, thanks so much for putting up the mp3 of the Halloween show with Nora Keyes. The new songs by Nora and Fancy Space People are wonderful. And the picture are awesome, too. Thanks again.

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