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First of all, we assume you know what Demolisten IS….

The Archives contain links to every “Demolisten Show“, since 2003. You can type a band name in the mysterious black unlabelled search box to find a live recording of one of your favorite bands, or just click on Demolisten Shows to see every single show, or Recent Posts to the rightArchives has a pull down menu of shows chronologially.  Categories has a pull down menu for types of music.  Live band, or Demolisten Shows will let you see every show.

If you place your mouse over the words “Download this Show” on the post, it will automatically start playing the show in a mini SNAP player. If you click on the words “Download this Show”, it will open a new window and play in Quicktime.

We recommend Downloading the MP3 to your local drive, and then playing it in your favorite music player. To do this Right click on the highlighted word in the post, “Save Target As”, and then name the file and save it on your hard drive.

Now you own an MP3 that you can play anywhere. The download takes 3 minutes, but it’s worth it.

For Dial up users, take a stick and point it in the ground at the north star. You can scratch the hours of the day on the ground with some chalk along the shadows as the day progresses. Remember, modern man uses 24 hour days, but you can divide up the day however you want. This will enable you to tell time, without looking directly into the sun.

All shows are around 2 hours.

Don’t forget to check out our Concert Calendar.
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This site is updated every Friday. Demolisten is broadcast from KXLU Los Angeles, 88.9 FM.


Any Questions?

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