10.3.08 – Dr. Drew! no live band tonight…

October 3rd, 2008

Click HERE for full audio of the show

No live band tonight but Fred interviews one of his radio heroes, Dr. Drew from LOVELINE.

Click HERE or check out our MYSPACE page to watch it live from 6-8pm PST.

Check back later to watch it archived.

Fred from Demolisten & Dr. Drew from Loveline

Fred from Demolisten & Dr. Drew from Loveline


1. Chris Checkman intro

2. Hello From Reno “Demolisten – An Art Jingle”

3. Here Comes a Big Black Cloud “Chelsea Lea”

4. Bodies of Water “Darling, Be Here”


5. Sean Guinan “November 13, 1988”

6. Controlled Creature “Building a Castle”

7. The Sess “Authentic Black Coke”

Fred interviews Dr. Drew

8. Agent Ribbons “Don’t Touch Me”

9. Chewing Foil “Desert Plant”

10. The Voodoo Organist “Fool”


11. The Deepsea Goes “Everybody Gets a Nickname”

12. Amanda Jo Williams “My New Dress”

13. Von Hayes “Drunk Uncles”

Concert Calender

14. Geronimo “Head Dress”

15. Tijuana Panthers “Crew Cut”

16. Athalia “The Selfish Giant”

thanks for listening glenn!

17. High Castle “Small Town Gay Bar”

18. Yoko Solo “Covered in Feces… Stronger Than You, Rotten”

19. ZibraZibra “Sonic Fusion”


~ by demolisten on October 3, 2008.

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