10.10.2008 Hearts of Palm UK

Click HERE for streaming audio of the show
Click HERE to watch the live video
On today’s show we have The Hearts of Palm UK.

Every week we broadcast LIVE starting at 6:00 at this link! There’s a chatroom there, that you can join in on.

Today’s special guest is Lisa Brenner. She’s a music writer for LA.com. Fred’s gone, so we think it’s safe to bring her to the station.

Bettina and Octavius talk about their days.  He drinks rotten milk and has his teeth drilled.  She cleans Fred’s house, and has Diarrhea.  Did we mention she’s looking for a date?

We also discuss Funeral traditions, and the first joke Octavius ever wrote.  Bettina asks the question, does everyone in Mexico have Diarrhea?

In other news….   Everyone gets to talk about whatever totally stupid crap they want to.  Which usually results in just total non-sequiter madness.  Octavius tries to avoid being totally lame, by playing MORE MUSIC!!!

Of course the band is very good…….and cute too.

Demolisten Playlist
October 10, 2008

1. Chris Checkman is Chris Checkman
2. The Audacity “The Fed’s”
3. Avi Buffalo “Truth Sets in”
4. Bikos “Movie Set Weights”

Air Break

5. Blake Collins “Berman (I Pity You)”
6. The Widow Babies “Evil Triumphs Over the Evil Poweres of Kayak”
7. Bodies Of Water “Even in a Cave”

Air Break

8. The Happy Hollows “Lieutenant”
9. Controlled Creature “Nightstalker”
10. Chelsea Wolf “Banana Hammock”

Air Breakdance

11. The Coral Sea “Your Prisons are Home”
12. The Guestimates “Surfs Up, Lights Out”
13. The Henry Clay People “Working Part Time”


14. Sean Guinan “Hemophilia”
15. Sean Guinan “Bleed Me to Death”
16. The Sess “Sheep City”
17. AM “Feedback”

Hearts of Palm UK Live!

Click HERE to watch the live video

Click HERE for audio of the whole show


~ by demolisten on October 10, 2008.

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