11.14.2008 – Tenlon’s Fort & Meho Plaza perform live!

First of all. MEHO PLAZA played “Live at 5” just before Demolisten, so we recored video of it. Watch it HERE.

Tonight we have TENLON’S FORT performing live and rumor going around says AARON EMBRY from AMNION will play piano with them.

Click HERE to watch the first hour of the show.

Click HERE to watch TENLON’S FORT perform live on “Demolisten”.

Click HERE for audio of the whole radio show.

Aaron Embry with Tenlon's Fort performing live on Demolisten

Aaron Embry with Tenlon's Fort performing live on Demolisten!!!!

Tenlon's Fort performing live on Demolisten!!!

Tenlon's Fort performing live on Demolisten!!!

Demolisten Playlist

14 November, 2008

1. Chris Checkman

2. Rick Hornsby (Guadalajara Joe) “Demolisten Jingle”

3. Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters “Walking with the Dead”

4. Eagle and Talon “All of My Guardians”

Air Break

5. Avi Buffalo “Summer Cumm”

6. Blue Jungle “Oh Suicide”

7. On and Off Super Fast “Words are the War”

Air Break

8. Ming and Ping “Legends of Nothing”

9. Rick Hornsby “Shake That Booty All Around”

10. Obi Best “Who Loves You Now”

Air Break- Concert Calender

11. Kitten Berry Crunch “Til Tomorrow is Today”

12. The Tleilaxu Music Machine “One Life Left No Continues”

13. Adeline & the Philistines “Dream from a Disco Nap”

Air Break

14. Sean Guinan “Jackie Ballad Ballet”

15. Marvelous Toy “Dont Try to Save the Flowers”

16. Fast Heart Mart “Strippers Song”


17. Ema and the Ghosts “Dandelions”

18. The Sess “Mary”

19. Whitman “Under Your Skies”


Tenlon’s Fort performs LIVE


20. Dirt Dress “Patterns”

21. Chris Checkman “Demolisten Outro”



~ by demolisten on November 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “11.14.2008 – Tenlon’s Fort & Meho Plaza perform live!”

  1. do you guys know how good that st was from Tenlons….excellent

  2. Hi,

    well first of all, i love this radio station!
    I don’t live in LA but when ever I’m in town I listen to your station.

    the question I have though is, where can I find an Avi Buffalo album?
    are they even available?

    any way, let me know…


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