The History of KXLU Demolisten

Demolisten is famous for being the number one source for homespun, home recorded, self released recordings.  We’re also famous for getting those recordings way before the rest of the world.  So, how did it start?

Back in 1984, Agent Ava had a couple reel to reel tapes of some local bands.  One was Jane’s Addiction, and the other was Faith No More.  She played them on the air a few times, and decided to make a specialty show called “Demolisten”, and put the word out to send in tapes.  She soon recieved demos from The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and in later years Gun’s N’ Roses.  So you get the idea…  She’s the original real deal Demolisten DJ.

In the early 1990’s, several bands around Los Angeles, like Possum Dixon, and the Abe Lincoln Story, were asked by a wierd kid if he could play delta blues while they set up for their shows.  His name was Beck, and one day, he came to KXLU Demolisten to play on the air.  And yes…The rest is History.

Other DJ’s of KXLU Demolisten have included in the 1990’s Tony K, Fred Kiko, Chad, in the 2000’s Doug Jones, Octavius Poirier, Devin Valdesuvio, Internation Voice of Reason, Chelsea Clitton.

Other Artists Demolisten has played at the beginning of their careers include:  The Radar Bros, DJ Me DJ You, Sukia, Future Pigeon, Wiskey Biscuit, Silversun Pickups, Earlimart, Great Northern, Peter and the Wolf, Let’s Go Sailing, Foreign Born, Dengue Fever, Devics, Artichoke, Distortion Felix, Ukefink, Spain, Josh Hayden, Strictly Ballroom, DNTL, The Coral Sea, The Bedroom Walls, Lavender Diamond, Captain Ahab, The Happy Hollows, Eagle and Talon, The Midnight Movies, Ariel Pink, John Maus, Holy Shit, Paris Hilton Motherfuckers, Pop Defect, Project K, The Centimeters, Sarah Love, Earlimart, The Temporary Thing, blah blah….

Is it a coincidence that Kurt Cobain has been photographed and filmed wearing KXLU Gear?  That Beck appears on a Demolisten CD? or that Dave Lovering talks about coming to KXLU when the Pixies first started?  Everyone’s got to start somewhere, and we are probably the best place to do it.  AND the beauty is, We listen to everything, and we always only play what we like.

The majority of the CD’s we get are mailed to us.  We don’t download something, unless we’re extremely bored.  The second way we find out about music, is by going to shows, and asking for a CD in person.  The third way are referrals.  Bands that play on our show, bring their friends CD’s, and frankly, they’re almost always good.

So we’re lucky.  We don’t have to hunt down new bands, like the general public.  And You’re lucky too, cuz now that you know about us, you know that we’ll weed out the shit for you.

The Demolisten show broadcasts from KXLU Los Angeles, 88.9FM every Friday from 6 to 8PM PST.  The shows have been archived online since 2003, but were officially launched on this website in January 2007.

Demolisten features a live band almost every week.  These recordings are fully downloadable, and can be searched in our archives.  Ever wonder what that band you just discoverd sounded like 4 years ago?  Find them in our Archives. 

If you’re in a band, and haven’t sent your demo to us, Send it! and if you know an unsigned band that we should play, tell them to send us a demo too!  or, just take the initiative and send it yourself.  We don’t really fucking care.  Steal your roomate’s demos and send them in!  We will love you for it.

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