Submit you music to Demolisten

By delivering any audio content to KXLU Demolisten, artists agree to have their music featured on the radio, broadcast over the internet, and archived online.

Do not send us emails with mp3s attached, or ask to be our myspace friend. we will ignore it or tell you to send a CD.

CD or CDr Demo Submissions for potential airplay should be sent to:

KXLU Demolisten
1 LMU Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Do not wrap your CD in plastic.
Have your artist name written on the CD itself.
Enclose a track listing with song names.
Deliver the CD in a proper jewel case with a spine for potential cataloging in KXLU CD library.
Enclose email addresses or websites so we can contact you. If you don’t here from us we didn’t like it.
Pictures are not recommended. We will just laugh at you. So please send them. We just don’t recommend that you do.

The Demolisten podcast is available in both streaming (video/audio) and downloadable (audio at 56k) forms.

All of the rights for music contained on this site remain the copyright of the original artists. None of the Mp3’s or any other digital material on this site may be sold for any reason. The digital material on this site cannot be used for any purpose without the express written permission of the KXLU Demolisten Staff and the artists on the recordings.

Unfortunately for us, all submissions are listened to.  Remove cuss words if possible, and send us a clean and a dirty copy.  Otherwise, label which songs have swear words on it.

A short note with the CD is helpful.

We don’t care if the mix isn’t good yet.  In fact, we prefer it.  Old demos are good too!  Maybe you have a recording of your highschool band….I dunno.  Send it in!  Just describe it to us.

If your label has a couple bands on it with little to no distribution, you’re not kidding anyone, just send us your Demos.  You’re probably not too big time for us.  We love to get rough mixes or live versions of albums that haven’t come out yet.  This show is one of the best types of free promotion you could get.

Now…..don’t even get me started about how many bands I meet that aren’t ready to record yet, haven’t got the mix right yet, can’t play live on the air, blah blah blah.  These are all excuses for a self defeating artists who don’t believe they deserve success.  Talk to your psychologist about it….. Look in the mirror and say, “Dammit, I deserve to be on the radio!”  In the mean time, send us a f*cking demo.  It’ll boost your ego from 1 inch off the floor to about 6 inches.

AND to all you super arrogant rock stars.  You can send us one too.  In the end, if you’re music is good, we don’t care.  Trust me, if you’ve heard the show, you know that we don’t discriminate.

WE Love YOu ALL!!

So, Send us your stuff. 

You can also Join us on Myspace  Don’t ask us to listen to your band, because we probably won’t.  Mail us a CD instead.  If we ask you to mail one, that doesn’t mean we’ll play it, it just means we wanna hear it.  We will definitley listen to it.  Also, we only accept Myspace friends who are bands we play or fans of the show.  If you know we’ve played your band, then add us.  If you want your music played on the show, you know what to do.  If you’re touring through Los Angeles, and we play your music, let us know if we can schedule you to play live on the air, Or just ask!

Email us at to get on our Concert Calendar.  We only put bands in the calendar that we play.   

Do not email us MP3’s.  And if your CD inputs the song title’s in Itunes, then we will think you are a genius.

We broadcast from KXLU 88.9FM in Los Angeles.

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