04.11.2008 Demolisten – Sonadora

Octavius is sick of demos.  Fred says it’s a phase.

We’ve got a New Intern.  His name is……… We’re not going to remember his name until he works here for 2 years. That’s the rule. Here’s a hint, His name rhymes with Left.

Still trying to get Francine Dancer to come by again….
But we’ve got Sondadora!

On todays show, we have Sonadora, featuring two members of Dios Malos, and The Rolling Blackouts.

Here’s some videos we broadcast live during the show.  Video 1, Video 2

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Demolisten Playlist
11 April, 2008

1. Lawyer Jed is Chris Checkman
2. The D- Sicker Ensemble “Demolisten Intro”
3. Los Duggans “Pretty Polly (cover)”

Air Break

4. Catwalk “Avalon”
5. Teen Wolf “You, Head North”
6. Creekbird “My Yo-Yo”
7. Ross Angeles “Join the Navy (mastered)”

Air Break

8. Whiskey Biscuit “Everyone*”
9. The Kris Special “Sometimes I Don’t Understand”
10. Spirit Army “I’m Ready Again”

Air Break

11.  Sara Lov “Fountain”
12. My Kill Jack’s On “Molasses”
13. The Monolators “Clang Clang the Horsemen Rang”
14. The Mind Parasites “Spectacle”

Concert Calendar

15. Romak and the Space Pirates “Alpha Generic”
16. Super Creep “Let the Machine Fall Asleep”
17. From the Flood “Castaway”
18. Silversun Pickups “Creation Lake”

Sonadora Plays LIVE!

19. Sukia “Touching Me Touching You”
20. Kuato “Morgellons”
21. Paris Hilton Motherfuckers “Swiss Clubs”
22. Squeezebox Sam and the Men with no Name “Where did you Sleep Last Night?”

23. Chris Checkman “Message from Demolisten I”


~ by demolisten on April 11, 2008.

4 Responses to “04.11.2008 Demolisten – Sonadora”

  1. Hi guys. I really like Sara Lov and I was wondering if you can tell me where can I find “Fountain”. Please?

  2. have you seen francine dancer 183?you have to cencer it a little bit.183 1s ok

  3. i saw my video.it was cool.

  4. Morgellons is a skin disorder that was first described more than 300 years ago. The disease is characterized by fiber-like strands extruding from the skin in conjunction with various dermatologic and neuropsychiatric symptoms. For support: http://www.morgellons-disease-research.com/

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