9.19.2008 – Joel from DIOS MALOS, Kevin of Sonadora, and Todd perform live! – Fundraiser Show!!

Click here to listen to Audio of the show!

Click HERE to watch Joel from DIOS MALOS and friends play live on the radio!

Tonight is fundraiser ! Yay!

You can get Demolisten Grab bags (for $20 you will receive 5 random demo CDs that we play from our archives)

Or get a Demolisten T-Shirt. Here is the Design:

Demolisten T-Shirt Design

Demolisten T-Shirt Design

You can donate by calling (310) 338-KXLU – (310) 338-5958 or by going to the KXLU website.


Joel from DIOS MALOS continues his Demolisten residency to help celebrate DIOS MALOS’ free Monday residency at Spaceland this month.  He plays tunes with his brother Kevin from Sonadora, and some random wierdo off the street named Todd.  Todd’s in a couple other projects with Joel…..to be named at a later date.

Joel from Dios with Sonadora performing live on Demolisten!!!!

Joel from Dios with Sonadora performing live on Demolisten!!!!

happy JOEL from DIOS MALOS!

happy JOEL from DIOS MALOS!

Demolisten Playlist
19 September, 2008

1.  Octavius is Chris Checkman
2.  Sean Guinan “June 2, 1989”
3.  Black Mold “Here Comes a Big Black Cloud”

Air Break

4.  Avi Buffalo “Truth Sets In”
5.  Bodies of Water “The Mud Gapes Open”


6.  The Deep Sea Goes “Burn Before Reading”
7.  The Monolators “Don’t Dance”


8.  Bipolar Bear “Dreamcatcher Maker pt. 1”
9.  Brian LeBarton “Disco Tech”
10.  Von Hayes “Boo Hoo”

Donate !

11.  Null Object “Dumb Shogun”
12.  Voodoo Organist “The Revenge of the Black Widow”

Concert Calender

13.  The Audacity “S.S. Homo”
14.  Aaron Embry “This is Where The Magic Happens”
15.  Les Blanks “Lie Back and Think of England”

Dios and Sonadora play together LIVE!

this is a test….


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