9.12.2008 – KNIGHT RIDER & Joel From DIOS MALOS perform live

Click here to hear Archived Audio of the show!

Click HERE to watch first hour of show during which Joel from DIOS MALOS performs live!

Click HERE to watch one more song from Joel.

Click HERE to watch Knight Rider’s Performance

Tonight in the first hour of the show, we have Joel from DIOS MALOS continuing his Demolisten residency.

Then in the second hour of the show we have KNIGHT RIDER performing live.
Demolisten Playlist

1. Chris Checkman “Demolisten Intro”
2. D sticker Ensemble “Demolisten theme”
3. Chelsea Wolfe “Cousins of the Anti-Christ”
4. Tunnelmen Experimental Assembly “God City”

Joel performs a cover tune of an old Beck song called “Alcohol”!

Joel Plays “Alcohol” by Dios.

5.  8-Bit “Enuf”
6.  Tijuana Panthers “Redheaded Girl”
7.  Avi Buffalo “I’m Getting Too Old For This”

Joel plays some more

8. The Audacity “Cute Things People Do”
9. Too Much Fun “Youth”
10. Man Of Mystery “High Castle”

Concert Calender

11. Bodies of Water “Only You”
12. Von Hayes “Ellen Degenerates”
13. Bikos “Spirit Of Change”

More Joel

14. Castledoor “Nightlight”
15. Controlled Creature “Thundermare”
16. Death By Ninjas “Sea Monster”

Knight Rider Plays LIVE!



~ by demolisten on September 12, 2008.

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