8.29.2008 – MEHO PLAZA and Joel from DIOS MALOS both perform live!

Audio of the show.

Video of the first half.

Video of the second half (almost).

August 29th, 2008

Tonight Joel from DIOS MALOS performs solo acoustic during the first hour of the show, and MEHO PLAZA performs a full rock band set in the second hour.

Bettina talks about how Huell Howser is her Pal.  Fred talks about all the wierd violent close calls he gets living in Los Angeles. 

Octavius shakes in fear and crazy people call the show and cuss him out. 

Pedrum talks about how everyone does that thing from the Shining when they say his name….

and think it’s so original (but that’s off the air).

And Joel plays songs, sometimes using a funny voice….and he brings his friend Miguel Mendez.

Watch it all live HERE or at our MySpace page.

Meho Plaza

Meho Plaza

Joel from Dios Malos

Joel from Dios Malos


1. Chris Checkman intro
2. D. Sticker Ensemble – Demolisten Intro (high pitch)
3. Gunfight! – All You Need

Talkin’ ’bout indians and such

4. 60 Watt Kid – I Got Money
5. Tenlons Fort – Come Back to Me
6. The Guestimates – Girls of Spring Break

Dios and Miguel Mendes perform live acoustic!

7. PAINT – Better Daze
8. Human Host – Underground Rainbow
9. The Deepsea Goes – Shambolic

More Dios and Miguel
Concert Calender

10. Maria Daniela Y Su Sonido Lasser – Meido
11. Amanda Jo Williams – Why Don’t You Loo Me

More Dios and Miguel

Fred almost gets in fights a lot.

Meho Plaza performs live!


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