8.1.2008 – The Blank Tapes & Featherbeard

Audio of the show.

August 1st, 2008

Tonight we have The Blank Tapes performing LIVE.

This just In we also have Featherbeard performing live acoustic in the studio with us!

Today we have a full house….Bettina, G-Off, the Digital Philipino, Fred, Octavius, The Monolators, and Pedrum. We talked abouit Vaginas, The Smell, and the Vaginals. Very diverse conversation on this show…..

Here’s Video of the first part of the show


See a video of Featherbeard LIVE here

We also made some videos of The Blank Tapes.

Blank Tapes Part 1
Blank Tapes Part 2

The Blank Tapes

The Blank Tapes



or listen to 2 hours of audio by Downloading a free MP3 of the show.

1 August, 2008:

1. Demolisten Intro Chris Checkman
2. D Sticker Ensemble “Demolisten Intro”
3. Hello from Reno “Kxlu Art Jingle”

Air Break

4. Pinched Nerve “Trashstorm”
5. Kyoka “My Dead Homie”
6. Dogweed “Take Me Alive”
7. A++ “Take It Outside”

Featherbeard Plays LIVE!

8. The Monolators “Must Be Dreaming”
9. Rose For Bohdan “Afraid Of Farting”

More LIVE Featherbeard!

Concert Calendar Update

10. The Monolators “Don’t Dance (Reprise)”
11. Unicorn “Kittens Having Kittens”
12. Mi Ami “Feel You”

Air Break with The Monolators!

13. The Monolators “Oh No, Everything Has Changed”
14. Tenlons Fort “Wrote About Life”

The Blank Tapes Play LIve!!

Blank Tapes Part 1
Blank Tapes Part 2


~ by demolisten on August 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “8.1.2008 – The Blank Tapes & Featherbeard”

  1. Hello from New Jersey!

  2. Hey link is bad on 8/8/08 show…just need to delete “http//” from the link.

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