07-18-2008 Radio Free Silver Lake and Lawyer Jed w/ Musical Guest Blake Collins

Audio of the show.

It was crazy. Fred and Octavius were hella in jail for attacking a clown while superstar’s Radio Free Silver Lake‘s Joe Fielder and Lawyer Jed scrambled to fill in… 

Blake Collins Plays LIVE!!!
Unfortunately, the video didn’t make it online, but Maybe Blake Collin’s will convert and post it….so we can link to it. (hint hint)

Listen to an MP3 of the show here.

Demolisten Playlist
July 18, 2008

1)  Flying Tourbillon Orchestra – Audry (Love Keeps Moving)

2) Fol Chen – Red Skies

3) Marvelous Toy – The City is a Washing Machine

4) Exit Music – Sparks Of Light

5) Tigers Can Bite You – Hawks

6) Spires – Look

7) Dirt Bird – Easy #2

8) Brian Canning – Untitled

9) Afternoons – Saturday Morning

10) One Trick Pony – Loose Talk

11) Eagle Winged Palace – By God

12) The Parson Redheads – Maymond

13) Death to Anders – Anne Marie

14) Eagle and Talon – Hot Caught

15) The Savages – I Want to Be Evil

16) Super Karma – Atmospheric Pressure

17) Amnion – Better Day

And then Blake Collins played live!

Listen to an MP3 of the show here.


~ by demolisten on July 18, 2008.

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