7.4.2008 – BEARDO rocks it live! it’s 4th of July F*ck Amerika!

It’s 4th of July and Beardo is here to rock it!

We discuss who Octavius is voting for, and the fact that Fred Doesn’t Vote.
We have a video of the first hour of the show here. Video.
then Beardo Plays……and we made a couple videos. Video 1, Video 2

Here’s an MP3 of the show. Free Download!

04 July, 2008 Playlist

1. Checkman, and the D Sticker Ensemble Theme for Demolisten
2. Jessy Bulbo “Mala Respuesta”
3. Nathan Payne “American Infidel”

Air Break

4. Guadalajara Joe “Trippyland”
5. Io Perry “Gotta Crush On You”
6. Conger Eel “Merry Christmas”

Air Break

7. The Sess “Wisdom Tooth Gums”
8. The Amazements “Third song”
9. John Thill “You’re Dead”

Air Break

10. Captain Ahab “Ride”
11. Kid Infinity “Put Your Clothes On”
12. Vomit Bomb “Retaliation is Never Justified”

Air Break

13. Sean Guinan “Damn Her”
14. Bazooka Falcon “New Enemy”
15. The Swords of Fatima “Shadows”

Beardo plays Live!!!

16. Paris Hilton Motherfuckers “4D party”
17. Kuato “Dead Ringers”


~ by demolisten on July 4, 2008.

One Response to “7.4.2008 – BEARDO rocks it live! it’s 4th of July F*ck Amerika!”

  1. Who took this photo?

    One is in my music portfolio on my photosite, check it out!

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