06.27.2008 Demolisten – Luna is Honey

On today’s show Luna is Honey, plays live.

On today’s show, we find the lost footage of Tony Fabbri, and talk about why on earth 8 Bit held up Andrew, from Anchors for Architects.  That’s right, the president of Ninja Star Records, pulled a gun on the president of Papermade org.  This is the hugest thing in the music business since Shug Knight held Vanilla Ice upside down from a balcony in Hollywood.

Also, find out what Alice of Eagle and Talon is doing at the Bagel Broker at ungodly hours of the day.  AND, who is the charmer of Fred’s snake???  FIND OUT on this SHOW!


Download and listen to audio of this show here!!!

We made some videos of the band Live in the station:  Video 1, Video 2, Video 3

Demolisten Playlist
27 June, 2008

1. Chris Checkman Intro
2. D Sticker Ensemble “Demolisten Theme”
3. Hello from Reno “more themes”
4. Deadly Finns “Girls on Parole”

Air Break

5. Guadalajara Joe “Clip N’ Dales”
6. HB3 and the Zegnotropic Rocket Society “Turkish Delight”
7. Je T’aime “Ponies In the Surf”

Air Break

8. Tony Fabbri “I Love New York”
9. The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra “Don’t Be Fooled”
10.  Anchors for Architects “In the 90’s”

Air Break

11.   8-Bit “Pocket Check”
12. The Deapsea Goes “Dirty Mama Snake Charmer”
13. Juanita and the Rabbit “Change it Now!!”

Air Break

14. Beardo “24 Hour Party”
15. Cola-Cola “Paper Bird”
16. 3rd Ear “Post Beatle”
17. Zombelle “You are a Victim of Ignorance”

Air Break

Luna is Honey Play LIVE!!

18.  Beardo “Fight a Revolution”

End of Show.


~ by demolisten on June 27, 2008.

One Response to “06.27.2008 Demolisten – Luna is Honey”

  1. please anounce twilight dance santamonica pear thirsnights 7 30-9 30 pm.

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