06.20.2008 Rainbow Arabia


On Today’s show we have Rainbow Arabia.

ON today’s show, Bettina learns how to use a microphone, Beck talks about how he discovered Fred and Lydia, Fred talks about how the east side makes him hard, Octavius talks about his delauded experiences and Peter Choyce’s penis, Fred discusses how his uncle single handedly saved Somalia, and Geoff has ties to Osama Bin Laden.   All I can say is…….Wow!!

We filmed several videos of the band:  not sure what video 1 is…., But the band is definitely on video 2

After Friday night, you can Listen to an MP3 of the Show here!!


Demolisten playlist
20 June, 2008

1.  Ari is Chris Checkman
2. D Sticker Ensemble “Demolisten Theme”
3. Hello From Reno “the other demolisten theme”
4. Farflung “Vision of Infinity”
5. The Deepsea Goes “Get the Net”

Air Break

6. The Antarcticans “The First Track off their album”

Air Break

7. April March “Dream Flower”
8. Jessy Bulbo “La Experiencia Citrica”
9. Dogweed “Protest Song”
10. Luke Top “Lord Save Me From this Valley”

Air Break

11. John Maus “of North of North Stars”
12. Coco B’s “Modern Lover”
13. Jamie Laboz “The Inner Light”

Air Break

14. The Robotanists “Close Down the Woods”
15. Von Hayes “Best Legs”
16. The Monolators “Eagle Fighting Zebra”

Air Break

17. Maria Daniella y Su Sonido Lasser “Miedo”
18. Explogasm “Ginebot 2004”
19. 8 Bit “Mario III”

Rainbow Arabia Plays LIVE!!!

20. Luna is Honey “Sell it”


~ by demolisten on June 20, 2008.

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