06.13.2008 Demolisten – Jeremy Jay

On today’s show we have Jeremy Jay versus Nathan Payne.

Nathan Payne Video

Jeremy Jay Video

Listen to the Show!!

 Demolisten playlist

June 13, 2008

1.  Chris Checkman sober is Chris Checkman drunk.
2. D Sticker Ensemble “Demolisten Intro”
3. Hello from Reno “Demolisten Art Jingle”
4. Silly Nelson and The Cop Cars “Camp Crystal Lake”

Air Break

5. The Jazz Thieves “Adore”
6. Juanita and the Rabbit “The Welcome”
7. Blake Collins “You’ve been on my Mind”

Nathan Payne plays Live!

8.  Paris Hilton Motherfuckers “Supermega”
9. Beck “Untitled” from Demolisten Volume II
10. Evan Voytas “The Yellow World of 83”

Nathan Payne Plays the Magnum Opus.
Concert Calendar

11. D Sticker Ensemble “Charlie’s Brew”
12. Cola-Cola “Paper Bird”
13. Geronimo “HeadDress”
14. Harry Merry “Moody Busdriver”

Jeremy Jay Plays LIVE!!

 End of show.


~ by demolisten on June 13, 2008.

One Response to “06.13.2008 Demolisten – Jeremy Jay”

  1. Yeah for Silly Nelson! Jason lives!

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