06.06.2008 Demolisten – Romak and the Space Pirates

On today’s show, we have Romak and the Space Pirates playing live.  Romak IS Chris Checkman.

 On todays’ show we talk about making out with Dogs, and an obnoxious lady from NYC that Octavius met at a sandwich store.  We talk about a lot of nothing as well.

Download the audio of the show.

Videos of Romak and The Space Pirates!!  Video 1, Video 2

Demolisten Playlist

June 6, 2008

1.  Chris Checkman is Romak
2.  D Sticker Ensemble “Demolisten Theme”
3. Hello from Reno “Demolisten Art Jingle”
4. Thailand “Favorite Sun”

Air Break

5. Jessy Bulbo “El Enjambre”
6. Nathan Payne “Sleeping Sea #2”
7. The Happy Hollows “Tambourine”

Air Break

8. Kind Hearts & Coronets “Do your Best”
9. FACA “Nightshot”
10. The Slow Poisoner “Holler in The Hollow”

Air Break

11. Chase Fank “Bipolar Belle”
12. Vibe Central “A Flamingo”
13. D. Sticker Ensemble “Chaperone of the Shadows”

Concert Calendar

14. Robotanists “Subtlety is Overrated”
15. Squeezebox Sam & The Men with No Name “Madeline”
16. The Blank Tapes “We Can Still Be Friends”

Air Break

Romak & The Space Pirates play live!!!


Romak and The Space Pirates “Graphite will Grovel”
Directed by “Be Like”


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