05.23.08 – The Pity Party

May 23rd, 2008 – The Pity Party perform live…

ON this show we have Bettina, Fred, Octavius, Geoff, and Geoff’s “girlfriend”.
We talk about Goths, Rockabilly chicks, and music.

Octavius went on a scouting trip to Mexico City, THE Districto Federal, to hunt down some music.

There, he met up with Jorge of radioalterno.com, Martin of Los Fancy Free, and Jessy Bulbo. And now we all get to benefit, cuz Octavius got lots of cool new international stuff.

Geoff reveals that he has a girlfriend. No one believes him, since he is a fan of the show….so he brings her to the station to prove it. We think he kidnapped her….cuz she slipped us a note that said “Help”. But what ev’s. It’s not our problem.

Watch LIVE videos. Video 1, Video 2, Video 3

Listen to the show HERE.

Playlist for Demolisten
23 May, 2008

Chris Checkman “Demolisten”
-The D. Sticker Ensemble “Demolisten Theme”
-Hello from Reno “Demolisten Jingle”

1. Hello From Reno “So Far Away”

Air Break

2. FACA “Bronco”
3. The Slow Poisoner “Reverse Evolution”
4. Jessy Bulbo “Peligro”

Air Break

5. Pizza “Gay “Hotel California””
6. Los Fancy Free “Beatle Suit and Purple Boots”
7. Starlight Desperation “Spirit Army”

Air Break

8. Chapin Sisters “Kill Me Now”
9. Post Pastel “No No Parloonz”
10. D. Sticker Ensemble “Born with 3 Eyes”

Air Break

11. Aux Raus “Rasthof Deutschland”
12. The Marches “4 A.M. Is The New Midnight”
13. Robotanists “Wait a Minute Here”

Air Break

14. The Nocturnes “Brush Fire”
15. Damo Susuki “Jamming with bands from Districto Federal- Jam #2”
16. C.W. Stoneking “Goin the Country”

The Pity Party Plays LIVE!!!


~ by demolisten on May 23, 2008.

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