05.09.2008 Dead Ponies

On today’s show, we have Dead Ponies, Playing LIVE!!!

We talk about product placement….
Silversun Pickup and Chevy, Lavender Diamond and JC Pennies….
and we pick which products the songs go with.

Fred discusses his sulfur intake.
Bettina tells us about her birth.
Lisa Brenner visits us, music editor for LA.com
Dead Ponies play live.
Then Octavius Loses His shit.

We’d show you the video….but there’s no sound.  not until the end anyways.
But they sure look cool!! I guess you could play the mp3 below, at the same time you watch the video, and get the full effect.

Download and listen to this show!!

Demolisten Playlist
May 09, 2008

1. Mike’s Aunt is Chris Checkman
2. The D Sticker Ensemble “Demolisten Theme”
3. Evan Voytas “The Yellow World Of 83′”
4. Conger Eel “Pig Head Mask”

Air Break

5. Electric Russia “Oauaoaua”
6. Les Blanks “Grand Kickstand”
7. Robotanists “Slow Motion”

Air Break

8. The Spanks “Black Fuzz”
9. Maria Daniella y Su Sonido Laser “El Tuviera No Existe”
10. The Parson Redheads “Owl Me Timbers”

Air Break

11. Electropath “Julia”
12. Rainbow Arabia “Tiny Tiny Man”
13. Gran Ronde “On and On”

Air Break

14. Los Fancy Free “Eumerica”

Dead Ponies Play Live!

15. Lance Romance “Sexy Bowler Girl”
16. Matthew Gordon “You’re Lucky (But You’re Not Dumb)”
17. Knight Rider “Batman Nikes”

Air Break

Chris Checkman


~ by demolisten on May 9, 2008.

One Response to “05.09.2008 Dead Ponies”

  1. Good stuff. Thanks for the great show as always.

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