05.02.2008 Demolisten – AM

ON today’s show we have special guest, Andrew from Papermadeorg.org which is a cool indie (label?) that has put out demos by a few of the bands we play on our show.  yes they’re demos…..   cuz let’s get real.

We also have a special guest from the Make a Wish Foundation, Max.  He’s a long time listener, and at the tender age of 17, his last dying wish was to be a guest on Demolisten.

Also….  We have the band A.M.  They rock!!!

See some video footage of them here. 

Download an MP3 of this show!!

Demolisten Playlist
May 5th, 2008

1. a British guy is Chris Checkman
2. Gran Ronde “Wisdom”
3. The Jazz Thieves “Different City, Every Night”
4. Mad Happy “Oozing Franken Prophetics”

Air Break

5.  The Vision of a Dying World “Held the Hand”
6. Beardo “Fight a Revolution”
7. Electric Russia “human antenna”

Air Break

8. Luke Top “Plainest Draught”
9. Foreign Born “The Nights Tall”
10.  Million Kids “Dear Dorothy The Scene is Failing”

Air Break

11.  Voxhaul Broadcast “Lipstick Stained Coffee Cups”
12. The Muslims “Beside Myself”
13. Anchors for Architects “Moutza!”

Air Break

14. The Blank Tapes “We’re Better Not Together”

A.M. plays LIVE!!!

15. Calls After Midnight “You Know You’re Wrong”
16. Eagle and Talon “Bird That Breaks”
17. Geronimo “Medicine Man”

Air Break

18. The Mezzanine Owls “Moving Ground”
19. Harry Merry “Moody Busdriver”
20. 8 bit “Pyre Tech”



~ by demolisten on May 2, 2008.

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