04.18.2008 Demolisten – Dorian Wood

On Tonight’s show we have Dorian Wood.

Watch us on Live Video if it’s Friday Night! Click on the video….and join the Chat!

It’s super lame, but it’s fun.

OR, Download an MP3 of the show. It won’t be complete till 8pm PST.

Demolisten Playlist April 18, 2008

1. Mike Garcia is Chris Checkman
2. D Sticker Ensemble “Demolisten Theme”
3. Electric Russia “Human Antenna”

Air Break

4. Charles Mansfield “Glide on By”
5. Luke Top “Lord, Save Me from This Valley”
6. Joshua Lanes “Sorony & The Blackhole of Love”

Air Break

7. The Pity Party “Love Lies”
8. Red Feathers “I wander”
9.  Quazar and the Bamboozled “The Recycling Man”

Air Break

10.  From the Flood “Insider”
11. Anchors for Architects “Scriptures”
12. Luna is Honey “Sell It For 50 Bucks”

Air Break

13. Cinderella Motel “Snow Queen”
14. Triclops! “March of the Half babies”
15. Lily Marlene “On The Run”

Concert Calendar

Dorian Wood Plays Live!


~ by demolisten on April 18, 2008.

One Response to “04.18.2008 Demolisten – Dorian Wood”

  1. Dude I heard you guys play some twisted shit by a band called The Amazements and it fuckin rocked hardcore. I mean i nearly shit my shorts listening to this. Shit man, where the fuck do I find a copy of this ever ruling band.
    Major props to radio for putting this rad shit on.
    Peace out!

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