04.04.2008 Demolisten – Dogweed, The Abe Lincoln Story

On today’s show we have Dogweed playing acoustic, and Steve Moramarco with his band The Abe Lincoln Story.

We talk about the beauty of the one chord song and cannibalism.  Fred starts showing scantily clad women on our Stickam site….and we get kicked off.  So we had to internet broadcast at KXLU’s video site….seen above.

All in all, it was a good show.

This show also marks the return of Chelsea to the studio.  Bettina and Chelsea Lez out on camera!

Jeff’s Videos:  Video 1, Video 2

The Abe Lincoln Story Videos:  Video 1

Listen to an MP3 of the show!

Demolisten Playlist

04 April, 2008

1. D-sticker Ensemble “Demolisten Theme”
2. Nathan Payne “Psychotic Sky (Please don’t hurt me)”
3. The Harpeth Trace “Hotel Bristol Forever”

Dogweed plays “Grandma’s Beer” and “Dead of Winter” and “Slippin Away”

4. The Amazements “Watch yourself”
5. The Kris Special “Papers and Such”
6. Rainbow Arabia “Let Them Dance”

Dogweed plays

7. Warm Climates “Can’t Forget to Know You”
8. Gran Ronde “On and On”
9. Romak and the Space Pirates “Alpha Generic”

Air Break

10. Hobo Gobbelins “Brains (Hallowee)”
11. Straighten up and Fly Right “Gizmo”
12. Cinderella Motel “Sweep Your Porch”

The Abe Lincoln Story Live!


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One Response to “04.04.2008 Demolisten – Dogweed, The Abe Lincoln Story”

  1. Great band –Abe Lincoln Story! I hope they play again on KXLU. We enjoyed all the songs. The bass player rocked!

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