03.21.2008 Mad Happy


Watch our live video right now!! cuz we’re live.

It’s Good Friday, and that means we’ve got some songs about Jesus Christ.

Mad Happy comes by on their normal route, via San Diego, with a Toyota Camry filled with equipment, a crock pot of potatoes and a dog.

They sing about love, 2012, and other new songs.

Watch Mad Happy perform : Video 1 , Video 2, Video 3
Chris Checkman hates us, and Bettina learns how to use a microphone.

Find out why on this show!!

Download the Audio of this Show!
March 21, 2008

1. D Sticker Ensemble “Demolisten Theme”
2. Anchors for Architects “Moutza!”
3. Evangeslista “Winds of St. Anne”

Air Break

4. Brown 25 “Contraption”
5. Ukefink “3 Shiny Nails”
6. Troy Taroy “The Temple”

Air Break

7. Straighten up and Fly Right “There’s something about you (the way to stop infectious disease)”
8. Whiskey Biscuit “Sitting Around Wonderin'”
9. Halloween Swim Team “The Rise and Fall of King Faredae”

Air Break

10. 400 Blows “The Biggest Hit Yet”
11. Artichoke “Jesus Died on a Friday”
12. Rube Waddell “Jesus Didn’t Die for Me”

Air Break

13. Murdered Man “The Hotness of Your Smile”
14. Lily Marlene “Unto You My Heart”
15. Ariel Pink “Jesus Christ Came to Me in a Dream”

Air Break

16. Dengue Fever “Tiger Phone Card”
17. The Pity Party “Yours, That Works”
18. The Volumen “Miniature Action Jesus”

Air Break


~ by demolisten on March 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “03.21.2008 Mad Happy”

  1. Why does Checkman hate you?

  2. […] Rivka and Mike iLL were in L.A. they stopped by and hung out on a radio show called KXLU Demolisten 88.9fm and played a few new songs from their upcoming Weapons of Mass Creation album. This video is of […]

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