03.14.2008 – Creekbird performs and Tinkerbell dances


On today’s show, we’ve got Creekbird.

If you’re looking at this on a Friday night, you should watch the show on LIVE Video and join our chat room, to talk to all the kiddies around the world!

Download This Show! There’s an MP3, here. 

Watch these videos of Creekbird’s performance: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3.

The is THE show in which Fred performs the deed which leads Checkman to disown him forever.

Watch Tinkerbell read the Chris Checkman Demolisten Intro HERE.

14 March, 2008

Demolisten Playlist for 14 March, 2008

1.  D Sticker Ensemble “Demolisten Intro”
Million Kids “Boom Goes The Bomb”
2.  Evangelista “Truth is Dark Like Outer Space”
3. Geromimo “Coyote”

Creekbird Plays “First and Foremost”

4. Wiskey Biscuit “Tomorrow Never Knows (cover- The Beatles)
5. Dios Malos “Don’t Be Afraid to Die”
6. Meth Jive “Wht We Thot We Knu”

Air Break

7. John Maus “Less Talk, More Action”
8. Beaches “Wikiwiki”
9. My Kill Jack’s On “Hello Erblivion”

Creekbird plays another song! “Be a Sweetheart”
then he plays … “Not a Penny”

10. Paint “Nice Lady”
11. Straighten up and Fly Right “Rough Cut”
12. Umalut Brikauski “Life is Sad”

Creekbird plays “Couch Potato Rag” and “Banana Pudding Pie”

13.  Sunshine America “Liam Doesn’t Like Me”
14.  Spirit Vine “Phoenix”
15.  Amnion “KeepinTouche”

 Air Break


~ by demolisten on March 14, 2008.

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