02.29.2008 – AMNION performs live…


February 29th, 2008

Today we have Amnion on the show.

Jennifer from the Spaceland came to visit.  Fred Bitches at her for Mitchell’s unpaid bills to him…..and Octavius forgets to go off on her for cussing him out years ago. 

But a good time was had by all, and everyone enjoyed each other anyways. No bad blood here. Maybe we’ll stop calling it the Spacedump.

Amnion performs live during second hour of the show.

Here’s some video’s we recorded.  Video 1, video 2, video 3, video 4,

Download an MP3 of the show.

Playlist for February, 29,2008

1. Avi Buffalo Music “Where’s your Dirty Mind”
2. Spirit Army “Spirit Army”
3. Panda Riot “The Jesus Demeanor”


4. Sara Lov “Old Friends – Simon and Garfunkel”
5. Woody Woodham “Fanatic”
6. The Pity Party “H.O.T.S.”
7. Paleface “Spawn of Texas”


8.  400 Blows “Sore Thumb”
9.  The Bentleys “Buy the Moon”
10. Whiskey Biscuit “Spacegirl”


11. The Harpeth Trace “Who Knows Where You Are.”
12. Radar Bros “Happy Spirits”

Amnion Plays LIVE!

13. Tony Fabbri “Beautiful Los Angeles”


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