02.22.2008 Demolisten – The Transmissions


On Tonights show, we have The Transmissions.

1 minute Before today’s show, we were told how we almost were taken off the air, for having Chris Checkamn on the show last week.  You can kinda tell something went down by the tones of our voices at the beginning of the program.

We also talk about Vag J J’s, Pink Taco, The Happy Ending, things that are 7 inches….the usual juvenile stuff.

 Here are some videos of the band from the night they played:  video 1, video 2, video 3, video 4, video 5

Download an MP3 of this show!

Demolisten Playlist
22 February, 2008

1. D Sticker Ensemble “Demolisten Theme”
2. Delaney “Une Musique Tragique”


4. Communal Death Duck “Dogs”
5. Woody Woodham “Fanatics”


6. Panda Riot “Suspense Kiss”
7. Amnion “The Rake’s Progress in Lost and Jealous”
8. Rademacher “Last Letter Writer”


9. Anavan “Everybody Rips you Off”
10. Epicte “Carpe Momentum”
11. Pizza “Hotlanta!”


12. Dorian Wood “Watsonvilled”
13. 8-Bit “Drunk”
14. Quazar and The Bamboozled “Tell the Truth”

Concert Calendar
The Transmissions play LIVE!

15. Tony Fabbri “Everybody Needs Love”
16. Hot Tramps “Suicide Girls”


~ by demolisten on February 22, 2008.

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