02.01.2008 Demolisten – The Douglas Lee


See us on live Video HERE NOW!!

On tonight’s show….we have, The Douglas Lee play live!  He plays glasses.  I think it’s called a Glass Harp or something.   or maybe it’s the Glass Guitar.  I dunno.  But it’s a lot of drinking glasses anyways.  Don’t invite this guy to your dinner party unless you want him to put his grubby fingers all over your dishes.

Also on the show, Fred tells us about his Unemployment experience….BUT, Bettina remembers what she was supposed to tell Fred, but doesn’t tell him.  Later, Fred tells his amazing story…. 

Download this show! to find out what happened!

Demolisten Playlist 01 February, 2008

1.  D- Sticker Ensemble “Demolisten Inro (high pitch)”
2.  Growlers “Soul of Coral”


3. The Blank Tapes “Silverado”
4. Fpod Bpod “Murmurs & Billows”
5. The Happy Hollows “Monster room”
6. Nasa Space Universe “III”


7. I.E.  Track 10
8. DJ me DJ You “Bling Blang”
9. Vibe Central “A Flamingo”


10. Dengue Fever “Seeing Hands”
11. Dead Ponies “TV Comanche”
12. 400 Blows “Love you to Death”


13.  16 “Chum”
14. Spain “Her Used-to-been”

The Douglas Lee plays live!!

15. Voxhaul Broadcast “Why Not”


~ by demolisten on February 1, 2008.

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