01.11.2008 Demolisten – Death to Anders


Today marks the day that Chelsea officially quit. We think…
The commute from the Inland Empire to Westchester via public transit proved to be too much.

Today Octavius hosts solo because Fred has lost his voice. Fred is still here, he just refuses to get on the microphone. He is still PRODUCING the show from behind the scenes…. John comes in to ask Fred some questions about a party or something…. Guess he didn’t pay his phone bill again.

AND, Bettina Burbs on into the Mic for Fred.

On Today’s show, we have Death to Anders.

HEre’s a few archived Videos of Death to Anders from this show!  Video 1, video 2, video 3, video 4, video 5 video 6
Download an MP3 of the show!

PLAYLIST for January 11th, 2009


-Christ Checkman “Demolisten”
– The D. Sticker Ensemble “Demolisten theme”

1. The Moon Upstairs “The Sun, The Moon, And The Sky”


2. Murdered Man “Brain Thieves”
3. Happy Hollows “Colors”
4. The Mezzanine Owls “Wake Up”


5. Ferraby Lionheart “The Fighter”
6. The Monolators “Spider in the Woods”
7. Miss Derringer “Better Run Away From Me”


8. The Blank Tapes “Smoke & Mirrors”
9. Captain Ahab “His Sexy Moves”
10. Bodies of Water “These are the Eyes”


11. Preacher’s Son “You Gotta put the Turkey in the Cage”
12. Halloween Swim Team “Polaroid”
13. NASA Space Universe “Unsane Greek Street Fighter”

AIR BREAK / concert calendar

14. Dead Ponies “Snakeskin Boots”
15. The Vaginals “Do Yourself”


DEATH TO ANDERS performs a live set!


16. Jeremy Jay “Lunar Camel”
17. Amnion “All The Way”
18. Tigers Can Bite You “Tigers Can Bite You”


19. Quazar & The Bamboozled “Edwina”


~ by demolisten on January 11, 2008.

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