01.04.2008 Demolisten – Creekbird and his Worldly Possessions

On today’s show we have Creekbird and His Worldly Possessions playing live.   He’s the man who knows exactly how to turn this into a REAL old time “Radio SHOW.”  He writes a song once a week, and he’s amazing.
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You can see a video of Creekbird LIVE on Demolisten by clicking HERE!, and there’s another video here.

Fred and Octavius are here with Bettina, Maki is late, and Chelsea is having a nervous breakdown in the Inland Empire.

A brief transcript of Chelsea’s panicky myspace ramblings that we got in our inbox:

First message>>>>>>
im coming, but gonna be fucking late, im leaving now, so we’re dependant on traffic.

Second message>>>>>
doesnt come in time. when i came to get the car, it was gone. his note noted the early return /bolt. walking now to pay phone(after fini) to call for a ride. also dependent on ppl pickin up…aghh! Fucking rain too!! if i …fuck, actually send me one of your numbers, then ill walk to the phone and call you. fuck, its almost five..okay…fuckk. send just send fast..

Third message>>>>>>>
i walked all the way to the god damn pay phone and its fucking rainingto fucking boot, and i only have one of my fucking moleskins, NOT THE ONE WITH FUCKING PHONE NUMBERS. and im all fuckjing wet, with my new white boots all dirty and shit, fucking shit!!!

Fourth message>>>>>>>>>
freeeeeeeeeeeedd!!!! whay does this FUCKING SHIT ALWAYS FUCKING HAPPEN FUUUUUUCKK

Fifth message>>>>>>>
fred. if i walk back to the pay phone and call you will you please please pick up. i cant believe i keep letting this fucking happen

End of transmission>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

 Download This Show.

So I would say that Chelsea gets an A for effort. Unfortunately, they stopped giving out A’s for effort in the 3rd grade.

But We Love Her none the less. CHELSEA COME BACK!!! and Let your Brain REST!!!

Demolisten Playlist for January 4th, 2008

1.  D Sticker Ensemble “Demolisten theme”
2.  Beardo “Demolisten theme”

Air Break

3. Jeremy Jay “Slow Dance”
4. Halloween Swim Team “Damn Thief”
5. Radar Bros “To Remember”
6. Beardo “24 Hour Party”

Air Break

7. Venus Infers “Imaginary Friends”
8. The Blank Tapes “This is What’s Inside”
9. The Monolators “Kids on Fire”

Air Break

10.  Fpod Bpod “Egg is an Island”
11.  Laco$te “Party with Laco$te”
12.  AM “Message to Her”

Concert Calendar

13. Le Face “Lolita”
14. Maria y Su Sonido Lasser “Miedo”
15. Wounded Cougar “Now now”

CREEKBIRD and His Worldly Possessions Plays Live

16.  Bitrate “High Pitch Fever”
17.  The Growlers “Oh Sweet Spirit”

Air Break

18. The By and By “With Love”



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One Response to “01.04.2008 Demolisten – Creekbird and his Worldly Possessions”

  1. sweet santa boots creek! have a great show guys!!!

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