12.28.2007 Demolisten – Halloween Swim Team


ON tonight’s show, it’s the very elusive and anticipated band, “Halloween Swim Team.”

The only songs we’ve had….are from their Myspace Page.  They’re so good, we invited them in anyways.  YES, these douchebags made the classic mistake of playing on the “Live at 5” gig instead of OUR show.  There’s nothing that bugs us more than a band that we play first, we invite to the station, and then they end up playing in the daytime, instead of our show.  They tried to skip a grade, but we caught them, and made them come back to finish Kindergarten.

 So now they’re here to play on Demolisten…. 

Check out their Videos recorded LIVE in the Studio at KXLU!!  Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4

But you can hear it if you Download This SHOW!

Demolisten Playlist for 28 December, 2008

1.  D Sticker Ensemble “Demolisten Theme”
2. Beardo “Demolisten Theme”
3. Murdered man “Dream Girl (xmas)”
4. Polar Goldie Cats “10 Foot Swell”


5. Harlequin Jones “Truth be Told”
6. Creekbird “Your Stocking Has a Hole”
7. Ollin “La Loma”


8. Hearts of Palm UK “Portugal”
9. Anavan “Waiting List”
10. Harry Merry “Village live in 1905”


11.  Vomit Bomb “Prison Isn’t Meant to Help”
12.  Calls After Midnight “You know you’re wrong”
13.  Bodies of WaterOur Friends appear like the dawn”


14.  Foreign Born “The Entryway”
15.  Captain Ahab “Ride”
16.  Bed of Nails “You Know”

Halloween Swim Team plays LIVE!!

17.  Paleface “I can see the light”

END of the Show.


~ by demolisten on December 28, 2007.

2 Responses to “12.28.2007 Demolisten – Halloween Swim Team”

  1. […] HALLOWEEN SWIM TEAM / RUMSPRINGA @ PEHRSPACE Halloween Swim Team “Damn Thief” (Live @ KXLU) […]

  2. I ❤ HST! A track from their new album!

    [audio src="http://enjoypress.com/halloweenswimteam/theendofthesky/halloween_swim_team_insideouttv.mp3" /]

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