11.16.2007 Demolisten – Nathan Payne, and Michael Linder


Attention!!! The first 23 and 1/2 miniutes of the download of this episode of Demolisten is the tail end of a LMU basketball game… please fast-forward your download to this point to skip this horrible inconvience… Sorry and thanks. Fred

Fred is gone, so the only people left are Octavius, Chelsea, and the absent Maki. On today’s show, we have special guest, KNX 1070 News Journalist , Michael Linder. He tells stories of killer birds and the cleanest hippies you’ll ever meet.

Also today, we have the larger than life Nathan Payne.

Check OUt some Live VIDEO!!!! HERE!!!

Basically…..It’s a fun show.

Check it out and Download this show!



1. AM “Brads City”
2. The Blank Tapes”When I see You”
3. Paris Hilton Motherfuckers “Supermega”


4. Halloween Swim Team “Habitat”
5. Adam Bilboa “Let’s make a Porno”
6. Meho Plaza “I’m a green beret”


7. Eagle and Talon “Bird that Breaks”
8. Le Face “Salvador Dali”
9. Emma and the Ghosts “Don’t Eat the Daisies”


Nathan Payne Plays LIVE!


~ by demolisten on November 16, 2007.

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