10.05.2007 Demolisten – One Trick Pony

On this show, One Trick Pony plays LIVE!

Here’s there website for more info.

Fred talks about his fear of public speaking, and how Octavius tricked him into MC-ing at the Eagle Rock Music Festival. Octavius calls the show from Century City Hospital, smacked up on morphine. Chelsea Clitton comes in right on time, smacked up on life.

Download this show.

See a some live videos of One Trick Pony

Playlist for October 5th, 2007

Sea Wolf “Leaves in the River” (from show before)

Chris Checkman “Demolisten Intro”
The D. Sticker Ensemble “Demolisten”
1. Wiskey Biscuit “Hidin’ in my Kitchen”


2. The 400 Blows “The Secret Life”
3. Jon Wahl “Lieberstaum”
4. Creekbird “Got to get the Devil out of Me”


5. Pizza (formerly the New Motherfuckers) “Repress Yourself!”

AIR BREAK – Chelsea and Fred discuss Eagle Rock Music Festival

6. Dengue Fever “Nu Hpiz (Remix by Shape Ape)”
7. The Pity Party “The War Between 8 and 4”
8. The Monolators “Eagle Fighting Zebra”


9. Bodies of Water “Red Lines / Grey Lines”
10. ExitMusic “Here’s Sunset”
11. The Coral Sea “Ancient Modern People”

AIR BREAK / CONCERT CALENDAR with Octavius from hospital phone

12. Dorian Wood “The Mutual”
13. The Northern Two “I’m A Mermaid (That Throws Bombs Out of My Heart)”
14. Slow “Roman Holiday”


ONE TRICK PONY performs live on the radio…


15. Harlequin Jones “Zombie Vampires from Hell”
16. The Transmissions “Glove”
17. Math & Science “Forget U Now”



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One Response to “10.05.2007 Demolisten – One Trick Pony”

  1. its MY SICK PONY, dumb ass

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