09.28.2007 – Suki Ewers and Nate Farrar

Nate Farrar

Nate is the guy on the left.

suki ewers

On this show, Fred tells why Octavius will be hospitalized for a week, with a hit and run story, with vague accuracy. Also, Fred explains that there is a Universal Studios outside of Flordia to Nate Farrar, and he talks about what its like to get high with Norman Bates mother! Also, Find out the secret behind why Nate Farrar sounds SO Damn OLD when he sings!

For the rest of the show, theres not much talk from Suki Ewers….but sometimes pictures speak louder than words. You can see video of her here!

Download this show.

September 28th, 2007 Playlist

Chris Checkman “Demolisten”
The D. Sticker Ensemble “Demolisten Intro”


1. The Happy Hollows “Monster Room”
2. Secret Society of the Sonic Six “The Rack”
3. Japandroids “Couture Suicide”

AIR BREAK / Nate Farrar plays songs Live on the radio!

4. The Meek “Heart & Soul”
5. Thailand “This Officer’s Life”
6. Tommy Peacock and the Gas “Heartbreaker”


7. The Good Listeners “Sunbeam Smile”
8. New Maximum Donkey “Pants”
9. Hearts of Palm UK “People & Logistics”


10. LaCo$te “Sensass”
11. The Cops! “TV Lies”
12. Abe Lincoln Story “Terrifying World”


Suki Ewers performs live until the end of the show….


~ by demolisten on September 28, 2007.

2 Responses to “09.28.2007 – Suki Ewers and Nate Farrar”

  1. Poor Octavius! When is he getting out of the hospital? We are thinking of you Octavius and that nasty Suzuki that hit you 😦

  2. demolisten and demoplay!
    thank you thank you.

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