09.07.2007 Demolisten – The Soft Hands


 LIVE on Demolisten tonight, it’s The Soft Hands.

KXLU Demolisten, You’re soaking in it.

Octavius hosts with super guest Murdered Man.

Download this show.

Playlist for Sept 09, 2007

1. Aaron Embry “Paper Doll Candy”
2. Child Pornography “Fear to Live”
3. Treewave “May Banners”
4. Jeremy Jay “Escape to Aspen”

5. Nathan Payne “Sea of Tranquility”
6. EMA3 “New Saints”
7. Murdered Man “Bong Hits for Jesus”


8. Thomas Lunch “You are my drug”
9. Eggbot “Heaven and Earth”
10. The Cigarettes “Pity the Fool”


11.  Explogasm “Bruce is on the Loose”
12. a word from our sponsors
13. Benji Hughes “Track 01”
14. The Good Listeners “I Dig the Tarot”

Concert Calendar

15. Fpod Bpod “Ain’t no Use in wishing that I had a vision”
16. Blake Collins “Betman (I pity you)”
17. Bubonic Plague “Orange Octagon”

Air Break
The Soft Hands play LIVE!!

18.  The Happy Hollows “Meteors”


~ by demolisten on September 7, 2007.

One Response to “09.07.2007 Demolisten – The Soft Hands”

  1. did octavious go to southwest high school in 9th grade, in minneapolis?

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