07.20.2007 Demolisten Show FULL MUSIC SET


July 20th, 2007

Chelsea is the winner of our “So you want to be a Demolisten Intern beauty pageant.” and today is her first day at her new job.

Fred, Octavius and Chelsea (curious kite?) play demos. Octavius leaves early to see Sonic Old.  Chelsea learns how to read, type and spell.  Fred already knows everything.

Download the show to see how our hot young debutante dj does!

Here’s our PLaylist!

Chris Checkman “Demolisten Intro”

The D. Sticker Ensemble “Demolisten”

1. Gwendolyn “The Search”
2. The Vision of a Dying World “Awaken By A Scene From The End of Times ”
3. The Flying Tourbillion Orchestra “In A Dream”
4. Rose For Bohdan “Fucko”
5. Gran ronde “Secret Rooms”
6. Hot Toothpaste “Personal Call”
7. Hot Toothpaste “Everybody Likes The Way I Dance”
8. Destructo Bunny “And then It Happens Again!”
9. Team Scrub “Sideways”
10. Child Pornography “The Feel of It”
11. John Maus “For Ariel Pink”
12. Silversun Pick-ups “Creation Lake”
13. My Kill Jack’s On “Molasses”
14. Unicorn of Death(Bodies of Water) “Science is not so Bad”
BREAK/ Concert Calendar Anouncements
15. Totally Rad!! “Dressed Up”
16. Amateurs “Six Day”
17. The Blank Tapes “Mr. Lonely”
18. The Temporary Thing “Diversion Girl”
19. Mika Miko “Michelle = 7”
20. The Moon Upstairs “Never Thought Twice”
21. The Secret Society of the Sonic Six “J Ward”
22. Suki Ewers “Know What You’re Saying”
23. Forget Me Nauts “Joke of the Day”
24. Geronimo “Medicine Man”
25. Vasoline Tuner “Touched on the Hand of God”


~ by demolisten on July 20, 2007.

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