07.13.2007 – Demolisten – Frankel

Watch Frankel play LIVE!!!


Frankel’s myspace page.

Today, we talk about nothing……Because, we’re so freaking totally overwhelmed with technology on the brain.  But, we will have an intern next week.  So maybe we’ll be back on our mental track.

Fred beats an old man, and Michael of Frankel get’s caught Octavius-ing in Riverside while he’s Teena.  or something like that.

at the last minute, El Sonido stops by.

Download this show!


Chris Checkman “Demolisten Intro”
The D. Sticker Ensemble “Demolisten”

1. Silly Nelson And The Cop Cars “Camp Crystal Lake”
2. Meho Plaza “Say Go Now”
3. Blitzen Trapper “Dreamers & Giants


4. Ariel Pink “Stevie Storm” cover of Harry Merry
5. Gran Ronde “Run me over”
6. Super Creep “Tasteless”


7. The Soft Hands “Up The Ladder”
8. Acnchors for Arctitects “Rattlesnake Eggs”
9. Izzy Cox and The Eskimoes “Devil, Devil”


Frankel Performs live


10. Softboiled Eggies “So High”
11. Jeremy Jay “Someone Cares”
12. John Maus “Don’t be a body (sex with car)”


13. Athalia “This Could Go Bad in a Hurry”
14. Coco B’s “Culture Contact”

AIR BREAK / El Sonido Interview

15. El Sonido “5730”

The End


~ by demolisten on July 13, 2007.

2 Responses to “07.13.2007 – Demolisten – Frankel”

  1. If you’re interested, you can download Nelson’s “Camp Crystal Lake” for free here: http://myspace.com/sillynelson

  2. stay tuned for a future show where el sonido takes the 5 instead of the 101 south, thus arriving on time and kicking out the jams. hi fred, hi octavious.

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