07.06.2007 Demolisten – Gwendolyn


The Archive Worked!!!  So you can now watch Gwendolyn play LIVE here. 

She’s most famous for her children’s songs, but tonight they play their folk tunes.  She discusses her love of Wiskey tastings and children’s entertainment.  Trust me, this band rocks it on instrumentation that looks like the kitchen section of a thrift store.

Those dishes are spotless!  and they sound great too!

 You can download an MP3 of the show here!

Gwendolyn’s website

Gwendolyn’s myspace

July 6th, 2007  Demolisten KXLU 88.9 Fm Fridays 6-8pm

PST Demolisten.org

1.  Gwendolyn “Lady Belle”

– Chris Checkman “Demolisten Intro”

2. The D. Sticker Ensemble “Demolisten”
3. Gran Ronde  “Say Say Say”
4. Thieves Like Us “Head Long Into Night”


5. Please Don’t throw Rocks At Us “Rain”
6. MemberMe “No Place For This Dreamer”
7. The Visitors Q “My Kittens LIttle Dog”


8. The Coral Sea “In This Moment’s Time”
9. Cat’s on Fire “Higher Grounds”
10. Yoko Solo “Pigbucket Blam Blam”


11. Tudor Kline “’65 Plymouth”
12. The Soft Hands “I’m On Fire”
13. Sara Lov “Touched”

Concert Calendar

14. Totally Radd!! “Mike Tyson’s Punch Out”
15. Jeremy Jay “Someone Cares”
16. The Switch “Tongue Tied”
17. Tara Busch “Is it Love?”

 Gwendolyn Plays Live!!


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One Response to “07.06.2007 Demolisten – Gwendolyn”

  1. This was the perfect show to christen the video archive. Baptised by a glass harmonica! Amazing!!

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