06.29.2007 Demolisten show – Suns Lungs


So…..  Does Octavius look like the bald guy in the picture above?  Some people think so. 

Special guests, Live in the studio tonight, is Suns Lungs.  They feature members from a lot of different awesome bands….including but not exclusively Anubian Lights.

 Wanna learn how to perform Irish Leprachaun Magic?  Then listen to this show.

Once again, we make a stab at our LIVE Video FEED which again didn’t work….but you can see other bands in the future.

Download this show!

Octavius and Ryan finally meet.

 Playlist for 29 June, 2007

1. The D-Sticker Ensemble “Demolisten Intro (chick version)”
2. Destructo Bunny “Forever”
3. Two Dollars out the Door “Brown Baggin Dragons”
4. Rose for Bohdan “Princess Neon”


5.  Anubian Lights “What a Baghdad Had”
6.  Frankel “Red Part of Town”
7.  Cool Headed Logicians “Which came first, The Chick or the X”
8.  8-bit “You Ain’t no Robot”


9. Team Scrub “Romper Room”
10. Suki Ewers “Time after Time”
11. Matt Duffy “If I Can’t Have You”


12.  The Autumns “Thieves in Blue”
13.  The Mezzanine Owls “Moving Ground”
14.  Dot Org “Stolen Wolf”

Concert Calendar

15.  Dios Malos “Oh, don’t feel bad”
16.  The Parson Redheads “Travelling to Different Planets”
17.  Amnion “A Ton”
18.  Jean Paul Yamamoto “Man Automated”

 Suns Lungs Play Live!!


~ by demolisten on June 29, 2007.

3 Responses to “06.29.2007 Demolisten show – Suns Lungs”

  1. Can we get some Nelson & The Cop Cars up in this Hizzy??

  2. where can i get the lyrics to Cool Headed Logicians “Which came first, The Chick or the X” ? that song blew my mind.

  3. I’ll send it over.

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