06.22.2007- Family + Friends of Dios do a tribute to Dios Malos


Friends and Faily of Dios including members of Hello Stranger , Leviathan Brothers and Jimmy of Dios, play a tribute to Dios Malos

OK… We talk alot about our FIRST EVER, LIVE Video Stream. This is gonna be something we do every Friday. The Videos are possible via the Stickam.com site.

So, the technology is kind of overwhelming…..

You can Download the first part of the show here…

Download the Friends and Family of Dios, here.

Chris Checkman “Demolisten Intro”

1. The D. Sticker Ensemble “Demolisten”
2. The Tough Shits “Getting Healthy”
3. Jade Banger “Call the Cops”
4. Forget Me Nauts “Don’t Wait up L.A.”


5. 8 bit Weapon “Crazy Comets (Orbital Decay Mix) 2.0
6. Sleepover “Secret Messages”
7. Jazz Thieves “Wonderland”


8. Frankel “Thermostat”
9. Geronimo “Headdress”
10. Thee Yankee Dollar “Ask Me Now”


11. The Mind Parasites “arabesque for pantapon rose”
12. Laco$te “Les Dilles Coreenes”
13. Grande Rhonde “Wisdom”


14. Insect Surfers “Bouzooki”
15. Chief Death Rage “Mothership”
16. Vasoline Tuner “Fortune Cookie Suicide”


17. Le Face “track 01”
18. The Madrigals “Rex in Reverse”

The Family and Friends of Dios….Play Dios Malos! with a female singer!

19. The Soft Hands “I Hope So”
20. The Radium Screen “Dirty Blonde”
21. Rademacher “Arguments”


~ by demolisten on June 22, 2007.

7 Responses to “06.22.2007- Family + Friends of Dios do a tribute to Dios Malos”

  1. Is there an archive of the live video stream of the Dios Malos tribute on Demolisten last Friday? I’d love to see it.


  2. this was an especially killer show, in my opinion

  3. We tried to archive the video….and failed. The audio is coming soon.

  4. jade banger is awesome. myspace.com/jadebanger

  5. when do you be able to hear dis

  6. Looks like it’s not happening till Friday. Our sound guy, Maki, has been a bit MIA. So if you see him. Have him call me!

  7. The tough shits, sleepover, jazz thieves. 3 new bands i need to hear more of soon. awesome show!

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