06.15.2007 Demolisten Show – Landfill


On this Show….

Octavius Quizzez Joe Fielder from Radio Free Silverlake and Superfan Lawyer Jed about EVERYTHING.  check it out.

They reveal some  of their darkest deepest secrets about the local music scene.  Lots and Lots of the music is chosen by the master Joe himself, while Jed watches mouth Agape.  You need to hear it to really understand the power of it.

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Landfill plays live!

1.  “The Entryway” Foreign Born
2.  “Midnight Drivers” Que Sera remixed by My Kill Jacks On
3.  “Adore” The Jazz Theives


4. “Birdsong” The Devil’s Romantics
5. “Eucalyptus” The Deadly Syndrome
6. “They are always into that” Rademacher


7. “The Bandage on the Bloodclot” The Deadly Syndrome
8. “Dayenu” Division Day
9. “My Kitten’s Little Red Dog” The Visitors Q


10. “The First Track” Yes means No
11. “Bergerac” Thailand
12. “I know less then I did at the start” The Spires


13. Then we played something else….which I can’t remember…

Landfill Plays LIVE!

14. “Rogue King Nation” The Transmissions
15. “Rude Surprise” Radars to the Sky
16.  “Swiss Clubs”  The Paris Hilton Motherfuckers


17.  “Thermostat” Frankel
18. “In Anticipation of Your Suicide” Bedroom Walls
19. “?” Amnion (AAron Embry)


~ by demolisten on June 15, 2007.

3 Responses to “06.15.2007 Demolisten Show – Landfill”

  1. No Nelson? Damn.

  2. thanks so much for playing our song! we are so happy to be on your show. Hi Joe, Jed, and Octavius 🙂

  3. rock on, fatal steve!

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