06.06.2007 – Amnion (Aaron and Nikki Embry)


Amnion (Aaron Embry and Nikki Embry) performs Live!

So you may be wondering…..Who is this Aaron Embry guy?  Well…..  Long story short….  He’s been on Demolisten since 1994 at least.

He’s been the hired hand of many an amazing musician including Elliott Smith and Jane’s Addiciton to name a few.

We’ve been playing his demos for over 10 years, off of CD’s that friends have got from friends….but none of it has ever been released to the public officially.

Well guess what.  You get to hear one of the first times Aaron Embry has played live to an audience with his own music in a long long time.

 There are some musician’s you might hear, and think…..”They’re Ok.”  Others are great.  And then there’s those other ones that you think, “You MUST, for the good of mankind, continue making music at all costs.  It would be a waste of talent not to.”

That’s Aaron Embry.
Download this show here…  or maybe a bit more to the left.

You can only hear his performance, cuz the stream was messed up.  

But, This is what we played.
Thank you so much to Aaron and Nikki for coming up to the show.
It is very special to have such great guests on the show.

June 8th, 2007


START 6:00 pm

Chris Checkman “Demolisten Intro”

1. The D. Sticker Ensemble “Demolisten”
2. Sleepover “Bad News”
3. Insect Surfers “Jack The Ripper (Cover – Link Wray)”


4. Anthony Japan “Comets Crashing”
5. Frankel “Tooth Decay”
6. The Soft Hand “Imagine Me”

7. Chief Death Rage “Riffcraft”
8. Vasoline Tuner “Paris Hilton’s Yeast Infection”
9. Nelson & The Cop Cars “Dance Sucka Dance”

10. Dirty Little Secret “Perfect for Sex”
11. John Maus “of North of North Stars”
12. Que Sera! “Orange Blood”


Amnion (Aaron Embry) perfroms Live on the Radio!


13. Blackloud “Endless Road”
14. The Parson Redheads “Sister”


15. Paris Hilton Motherfuckers “Push It”


~ by demolisten on June 8, 2007.

11 Responses to “06.06.2007 – Amnion (Aaron and Nikki Embry)”

  1. do you guys keep copies like you used to so i can hear this one?

  2. It’ll be there by Monday.

  3. The Soft Hand song rules, play more and more!

  4. thanks again. you guys are the epitome of loving laborers. without your benevolence we’d be living in a world that is “SO O O L . A .”. thanks for being the “green faces” of the forest!

  5. Nelson & The Cop Cars?? Dance Sucka!

  6. How do we dload the entire show? I wanna check Dance Sucka????

  7. The Entire show has been lost forever due to technical issues. It was the most hilarious show you’ve ever heard in your life.

  8. seriously.

  9. Uh ok, could you please play it (Nelson & Cop Cars) again or let me know where I can find it?

  10. What happened to the archive? I wsed to get all of the songs they played on the show and now I just get re-directed to their myspace page and get one.

  11. Go to Download This show Here….It’s on a lower sentence.

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