05.25.2007 Weekend Warrior plays live



Weekend Warrior plays live. Fred and Octavius host.

Fred and Octavius talk a little about the Star Wars Convention. hwing.jpgimg_2367-small.jpg

Octavius talks about a rude wannabe New Yorker he has the displeasure of eating dinner with, and the all the L.A. transplants who do nothing but complain about the ONLY city that’s willing to take in their sorry reject asses.

No disrespect to New York at all, just listen to the show!

Here’s the BEST Explanation of Los Angeles, EVER!

We also, play the freshest demos on earth today.

AND DON’T FORGET that Weekend Warrior also plays LIVE.

Download This Show!

May 25th, 2007 KXLU 88.9 FM “Demolisten” Fridays 6-8pm


Chris Checkman “Demolisten Intro”

1. The D. STicker Ensemble “Demolisten”
2. Jean Paul Yamamoto “Bad Girls Go To Hell” (Picked by Fred)
3. The Visitors Q “Echo Parker” (Picked by Fred)


4. The D. Sticker Ensemble “The Ballad of Han Luke and Leia”
5. Paul Avion “Pop Music United I”
6. Sarah Lov “New York”

AIR BREAK / Octavius Rants about those who move to LA and complain

7. Amnion (Aaron Embry) “Praise God For The Light Within Me”
8. Kyoka “Unfufu”
9. MemberMe “Eyebrows”


10. The Power Chords “Unattached Strings” (from San Diego)
11. The Power Cords “Electrified” (Power Chords without an H from Los Angeles)
12. Shiloe “Steady”


13. Nora Keyes “Excreted from Our Mother’s Womb
14. The Pity Party “The War Between 8 and 4”
15. Anchors for Architects “Rattlesnake Eggs”


16. Grande Rhonde “The first track from my new demo”
17. The Happy Hollows “My Wet Tongue”

Weekend Warrior Play LIVE!


18. Zach Steel “Eat Your Heart out”
19. Jeremy Jay “This City Tonight”


The D. Sticker Ensemble “Demolisten Theme – Manly Version”

“Weekend Warrior” mentions it, so we’re going to show you what they’re talking about.

These are films from Los Angeles, taken just 1 month ago. NO movie stars, No Scientologists, No Bentleys, No blondes, No Silicone, No fake people. These are the real people of Los Angeles. Have mercy on us.


~ by demolisten on May 25, 2007.

3 Responses to “05.25.2007 Weekend Warrior plays live”

  1. Hey, I am not an LA transplant, I am from here. Or maybe I misunderstood your point. Rock on.

  2. We know! We’re just linking to Random people that have written favorable things about LA. YOU Rock!

  3. Octavius, would you be my architecture arch-rival? I really need one…

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