05.04.2007 Demolisten – Vomit Bomb – Dios (Malos)


Today we are joined by the men of Dios (Malos): JP, Patrick and Jed (AKA Right Said Jed, real name is Ed).

Also in studio is Vomit Bomb, starring the very sexy (jailbait) Mitch, Desssstiny, Natasssshia and Ami. They’re pals with the PHMF, and all the other kids that play at clubs like The Smell and The Clinic.

So, you should really Download This Show!


May 3rd, 2007 VOMIT BOMB plays Live and DIOS (MALOS) (sans Joel) hang out and play new demos

Chris Checkman “Demolisten Intro”

1. The D. Sticker Ensemble “Demolisten”
2. The Pity Party “The War Between 8 and 4”
3. Tudor Kline “Shooting Star”

AIR BREAK w/ dios

4. Dios (malos) “Staring At The Sun”
5. Down 2 Earth Grooves “ahuevo”
6. The Soft Hands “I Hope So”

AIR BREAK / w/ dios

7. Dios (malos) “Don’t Be Afraid To Die”
8. Paris Hilton Motherfuckers “Swiss Clubs”
9. Dios (malos) “Oh Don’t Feel Bad”

AIR BREAK w/ dios

10. Dios (malos) “It Will Feel Good”
11. Que Sera “Who You’re Now”
12. Switch “Tongue Tied”

AIR BREAK w/ dios / Concert Calendar

13. Vesuvia sonic “Head-On Collision”
14. Sara Lov “Tell Me How”
15. Radars To the Sky “Home For The Holidays”


16. Coin Opera “For Esme With Scotch and Water”
17. My Teenage Stride “Two Live and Die in the Airport Lounge”
18. Resturant “Close Your Eyes”


VOMIT BOMB perform a live set of music on the Radio!!!


19. The Paranoids “The Grand Society”


20. The D. Sticker Ensemble “Demolisten”

Chris Checkman “Outro”


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