08.25.2006 Demolisten Show – Project K

Our old friends, “Project K” grace us with their presence. They’ve been playing venues like Al’s Bar since the LATE 80’s! No Shit!

They came from bands like The Rayovacs, Pop Defect, etc etc. The original Project K had IO Perry in it. Which you aren’t hearing on this recording, but she has returned to Project K as of 05.07.2007. AND, she plays live on KXLU for us, a year into the future.

Well, Project K Rocks and that is that.

Download this Fucking Show! Ok…Please?



This show dates back to before we had computerized playlists.

That is cool. We’re posting a new show every week….and we’re going back in time to properly display these older shows.



~ by demolisten on August 25, 2006.

One Response to “08.25.2006 Demolisten Show – Project K”

  1. […] play lots of songs about Jesus. We also had the legendary IO Perry on the show. She used to be in Project K, The Green and Yellow TV, and she was also IO Perry…which she still is.  […]

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