08.18.2006 Demolisten – Francine Dancer

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On last weeks show….Fred and Octavius started talking about Francine Dancer. Fred quipped, “Why don’t we have HER on the show Octavius!” and Octavius said, “Don’t even joke about it, cuz I’ll book her.”

Well………the next thing you know. On this fine day, guess who shows up.

Francine Dancer travels across the great City of Los Angeles, on a two day journey to meet Octavius and Fred LIVE in the studio. She riffs on top of some music, tells us some amazing stories, and shares some of her favorite music in the world.

She’s a public access superstar in the Los Angeles area, and we love her. She’s also the go go dancer for Punk Bunny.

You should really download the show and listen to it. It’s just what any educated person would do.


August 18th, 2006 Playlist for Demolisten KXLU 88.9 FM 6-8pm PST


-Totally Radd!! Turtle Eggs and Mumblety Pegs

-D. Sticker Ensemble The Triscuits in Her Eyes

-The Mosquitos Teenage Frustration

AIR BREAK (w/ Francine Dancer)

-The Kites Look For What You Love

-D.S.M. Dont Let Your Dreams Die / Shine / Keepin The Dream Alive

-Great Northern Our Bleeding Hearts

AIR BREAK (Francine Dancer SINGS!)

-The Black Kites 1.2.3. Mix. EQ

-Good Night Star Captain Red Eyes

-Ruby falls Hospital (Cover The Modern Lovers)

AIR BREAK (w/ Francine Dancer)

-Revlon Red Break Me

-Napoleon in Rags The Pageantry

-Ric Veda Shadows (in My Own Head)

-Kyoka Rokkasyo

AIR BREAK (Concert Calendar) (w/ Francine Dancer)

-Jeremy Jay Secret Sounds

-Electropath Altar Girl

-Tracy Thielen Sliver (Cover Nirvana)

AIR BREAK (w/ Francine Dancer)

-Facel Vega Aspetta

-Halcyon High Tommy Gun Angel (Cover Bardo pond)

-Peter & The Wolf Think About The Future

AIR BREAK (w/ Francine Dancer)

-Books on Tape killing Machine


~ by demolisten on August 18, 2006.

5 Responses to “08.18.2006 Demolisten – Francine Dancer”

  1. […] This is the show, where Octavius explains who Francine is….Fred knows her by her dance moves alone, and he asks why he doesn’t book her for the show.  Little does he know, that the offer was taken seriously. […]

  2. how can i post this on buzznet and muspace?

  3. Use Firefox, highlight the text and right click.
    Go to Selection source, and copy and paste that into a message on myspace.

  4. where and when and i am i going to be on kzlu again/francine dancer


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